Friday, July 21, 2006

Farewell dear garden.......

It was Thursday and it was "Spare the Air" day in San Francisco. "Spare the Air" days are inform people that the Air Pollution level is above 100 and everyone should try and not pollute the area. Gordon was working from home on this day and his parents decided to take their first 45 minute BART trip to our house since BART is free on "Spare the Air" days.

While Gordon was working, the parents decided it was a good time to "trim" the plants at the back garden.

When I got home after work, the parents will just finishing up... imagine my surprise, shock, horror to find all the plants GONE..........

The parents decided that the plants were not useful and snipped the all off. The first picture shows some frens in the garden about a month ago.......the other three pictures show the snipped off plants.......:S
This is a sad day. Both for me and for the environment. So much for "Sparing the Air".

I did thank them for their hard work. After all, no one told them they were not suppose to clean out the whole place.... right?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pants rant.

I dislike it everytime I put on a pair of jeans or pants that have just been washed.


I have pants and jeans that fit me just well, but when it goes into the washer/dryer, I put them on and they are TIGHT!!!! Why why why? It makes me wonder whether I just added some fat to my waist and my thighs............ OR......... my clothes have shrunk again.

Why can't clothes be washed and come out in the same shape and form? Is that called "dry-cleaning"?

Just wanted to rant.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Greencard Approval.:)

July 13, 2006.

Gordon and I went in for my green card approval today and we got APPROVED!!!

Yippee... no more long visitor lines at the US airports..;)

The interview took about 25 minutes with general questions like how we met, when we dated, pictures, bank statements, Date of birth...

I am glad it's over....

Gordon... got a little worried when the immigration officer said this green card could possibility be a permanant approval and we may not need to wait two years....;)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

R.I.P Rexy

Our dear dog Rexy in Malaysia died yesterday.
My sister brought this silky terrier mix pomeranian dog home from a secondary school friend about 15 years ago (1991). Rexy lived 15 years. It's interesting how time flies.
I think Rexy lived a good life. He always had food, water and a little bed. His ears would perk up whenever anyone mentions "walk-walk". We sometimes had to spell out the word "w-a-l-k" so that we do not get him too excited. He also loves to bark at passing dogs of any size.

Too bad Rexy never had a girlfren, else we would have baby Rexy's running around.
I will miss the times when I come home from the US and enter the gate; Rexy would come running over and would jump up and down until I rub his ears and he would make a moaning sound showing his delight..:) I will also remember how smart he is when he sees us going out. He would watch the automatic gate closely and just when it's about to close, he would slip out. He also learned tricks like "beg". Too cute. And also how to bark at the door so that we would let him into the house, especially when the fireworks go off. When he was younger, he also learned that the word "toilet" was not something he liked as we would put him there if he did something bad or if we had guest. I have to say he is really a smart and lovable dog.
My dear brother called the gardener in after he found Rexy lying dead in the porch and had the gardener dig a 2 feet hole at the back of the garden and Rexy lays there now.
May Rexy rest in peace............

Monday, July 03, 2006

Summer Bar-b-q

We celebrated summer by having a bbq at our house. Gordon's family were the guest...:) We did a Costco run and bought burger patties and whole bunch of other things.

The highlight for the bbq were the patties, the fruit tart and Nathan's hotdogs. The patties were so huge that everyone who ate it felt like they could not eat anything else for the rest of the week!! It's nice to have Gordon's family come around, cos they bring the kids and makes the parties fun!! They also always stay for lunch and dinner and make a trip to Walmart in between(They live in San Francisco and there is no Walmart there!) he he he.....

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday Sydney...

Gordon's god-daughter celebrated her 3rd bday last week... Check out her cool sunglasses!