Sunday, December 28, 2008

I am 11 months old.......I will not be a baby anymore in 3 weeks....

hello world!
where did time go? I am almost a year old.
I am so much more aware of what is happening around me.
I know when mummy takes me to my babysitter's home and I start to whine before i leave the house. I also cry when the babysitter carries me when i get to her house. but.... I get to play with Darren when I am there, and I LOVE it. It is fun to have someone follow me everywhere as I crawl.

I am also cruising. I can walk if someone holds one of my hand. Walking is fun, but tiring.. I get everywhere faster if I crawl. Mummy is scared that when I walk, I can follow her faster and show up next to her quickly..:)
oh, I am totally mummy's boy. When mummy is around, I will want her to carry me and play with me. If mummy is not around, I can play on my own and daddy can read his newspaper and I would not disturb him.
My current schedule looks like that:
5.20am : 6 oz milk and back to sleep
6.50am : Wake up
8.00am : Breakfast
10.30am : 6 oz milk and sleep for an hour
12.30pm : Lunch and fruit
3.30pm : 6 oz milk
4.30pm : Sleep for an hour
5.30pm : Banana
6.30pm : Bath time
7.00pm : Dinner and fruit
8.00pm : Brush teeth, 6 oz milk and sleep
ohh, my popo (grandma) is in town. She plays with me a lot and makes sure I get my laugh for the day. I am trying to learn to say popo before she leaves..:D
my mom has been consistent in putting me on the potty at 7.30am in the morning. Just to make her happy, I will poo in the potty within 10 minutes...:D
I love to look outside through the window. I can see the cars passing by, the dogs walking and my favorite is watching the trash truck pick up the trash cans.

Till next time, I will be a toddler soon, so I will have much more blogging to do..:D
update : yesterday I poo-ed and right after I poo-ed, I pointed to the potty...... hah, my mom wants to know why i did not show the potty before I poo-ed... err mom " I am a baby!"

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

:( No time to blog!

So, why have I been so quiet??? I have NO TIME to blog!

Too many things going on.

My mom is in town and my sis and family are on their way in...

We are heading to Vegas for New Years...:D 8 hours of driving with two babies.... fun yah?


Also, have to plan Ryan's 1st Bday party! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

24 pounds

At 10.5 months, Ryan is 24 pounds.

I had to take him in to the doctor today cos he was running a high temp for the last two days.

Of course, when we were at the doctor's, his temp was back to normal.... mmmmm... this morning it hit 104.5 F. I think the Advil helped him.

Anyways, the doctor thinks it is Roseala - a viral infection that causes 3 days of high fever followed by red non itchy dots on his body.

His temperature has come down, but no signs of any red dots (maybe tomorrow?)

It pains me when Ryan gets sick. It makes me feel so helpless to see my baby soo grumpy and whiney. At least he was eating well and drinking well.... except, he did not want to play on hiw own and wanted to be carried.

I am taking a day off tomorrow, since his viral infection is contagious and I don't want the other babies at the babysitter to get sick.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving was a blast this year!

Gordon's family and cousins came over on Thanksgiving day and I decided that we needed to have a turkey since we never ever make turkey.... So, I went over to Trader Joe's and got a 13 pounds turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, celery and a box of stuffing...

The turkey turned out really well. It was moist and perfect.

It was fun to have family over and just hang out and eat. I also made lasagna and my MIL made sticky rice. For dinner, we had our usual prime rib...:D

The next day, we had an impromptu lunch at Koi Garden with Lily, Sook Yee, Lufun and families..:D there were like 14 people and we had to squeeze into a table... all was fun with the eating and catching up. After that, we hung out at Lu fun's place and headed to the park....

Ryan was all ready to crawl at the park, so, we let him crawl! He was everywhere so Gordon put him in the middle of the field so he can crawl and tire himself out! hah. check out the video.... yah, and don't let my MIL or FIL see this, cos they will flip to see him with all the dirt.. *grin*

Here is a video that lily took of Ryan sliding down the slide....:D

On Saturday, Jeannie, Mei and Oliver came over to have hot pot at our place. Gordon made the broth and they brought all the ingredients. There was yummy fresh lobster and prawns, loads of veges, beef and fish balls, tofu, pigs blood and loads of other food. We had a blast.

After dinner, we had our playings cards/gambling session...:D We played chinese poker.... too much fun... and for the first time in a very very long time, Gordon and I stayed up till 3am playing cards! (yes, we lost a lot of sleep due to this... heheheh)

oh, Oliver and Mei are engaged! Oliver proposed to Mei during their trip to Paris last week. So very exciting.

It was a super great weekend. The four days were fun with Ryan. He was such a good boy and his vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger each day.

He loves to read now. When I say, let's read a book, he would come over and sit next to me so I can read to him. I love it! I know it means I have to spent time reading to him, but I am just glad he can sit still and check out the books with me..:D

At 10.5 months, he can comprehend the following:

kiss mummy, read book, brush teeth, upstairs, downstairs, bathing time, eating time, banana, papaya, strawberry, apple, lemon, grapes, orange, carrot, car, let's go outside, socks, give mummy, etc etc....

oh, when I hum a song from one of his toys, he knows which toy it is and goes towards the toy..:D


CHeck out this video of Ryan playing with the pen...

fun fun fun

Above are pictures of Ryan having his lunch today. I gave him some pasta and put him in the front of the house so he can see the cars pass by while he ate.... after that, he had some grapes..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Gordon!

It was Gordon's birthday last Monday!

Above is Gordon blowing out a candle on the ...... PIZZA! We did not get a cake this year, but bought a pizza from Zachary's pizza in San Ramon......:D

Ryan and I surprised Gordon with the Wii Fit about 2 weeks ago...:) He was excited to get it (he kept thinking he had to get it during the black friday sales)

Here is a video of Ryan playing with daddy!

My two babies..:D

I am 10 months old

It's me again.. and I am already 10 months old. My mom is getting anxious as my first birthday is just round the corner (secretly, I know she is counting down the days that she has to spend money buying me my milk formula...)

I love growing up. I am able to learn more things and add more words to my vocab. My parents are excited that I can point out strawberry, grapes, papaya and banana.

At 10 months, I decided to sit still while mummy reads to me. I don't know how to tell her to read me a book, so I open a book and I crawl next to her, so she knows that I want her to read to me. I love to just flip the pages of the book over and over again.

I still love to EAT! I am not picky about what I eat. I tried cheese recently and don't mind it. I like cold stuff like yogurt and mummy's cheerios in milk. Since I like to eat everything, mummy can't tell which is my favourite food..:P

I also finally learned to put my hands together and clap. I also clap on my leg so I can hear the sound. I can give mummy kisses when she asks me to.

I celebrated my first Halloween. It was fun but I really did not like the piglet ears. I don't like anything on my head (hope my parents will remember this!)

Want to hear about my sleeping habits? I need someone to carry me when I take my daytime naps. Daddy does the best job for this. Mummy needs the rocking chair to put me to sleep cos I am too heavy for her! At night, I can sleep on my own. I decided that I don't really need my milk at night. I would brush my teeth, mummy would off the light, and I can roll myself to sleep (mummy sleeps next to me for a while to make sure I don't roll off the bed). I love to move around when I am sleeping. I need to find the most comfortable position.. (below)

Here is a video of me drinking milk before going to sleep ....

We had dim-sum over the weekend, and my grandma offered me some pau. I like it...:D

I also love being able to go up and down the stairs on my own. When I get bored, I would head upstairs and when I get bored again, I would go downstairs. It's fun and easy. I cannot remember the last time mummy or daddy had to carry me up or down the stairs!

That's it for my update today. Grandma from Malaysia is coming soon! and my aunty cindy and uncle jin will be here for Christmas with my cousin Sophie!!!! So very exciting. Mummy already started singing me Christmas songs. Maybe I can wish everyone Merry Christmas soon....:)

p/s : I can still fit in a box....:D

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I think Ryan's first words are apple (e-pel) and food (he says mum-mum-mum)

mum-mum is food in cantonese....

Of course, his first words has to be food words. He LOVES food!

Lately, he has been looking over to the table where we put his milk to see if there is a bottle there. He gets excited even when he sees an empty bottle from the previous feed.

He also is hungrier, so when he is done eating, he starts to cry cos there is no more milk....... I mean, he really cries, with big huge TEARS!


ok ok, I need to feed him more..... is he having a growth spurt?

Monday, November 10, 2008



Yah, the weekend passed quickly again. We did get a chance to meet up with several frens..:)

On Saturday, we met up with Eric and Ee ling for lunch at Val’s Burger in Hayward. This place has some yummy burgers and milk shakes! Gordon and I shared a mama burger and a fresh banana with chocolate milk shake. There must have been gazillion calories in the milk shake..:P
For dinner, we took a drive into the city to celebrate Jennie’s birthday. Since we had a gift cert for Unicorn Restaurant, we took the opportunity to try out the food there. The food was not bad. We tried the Horn of Plenty platter, the albino roll, the cubed filet mignon (this one was yummy), a giant prawn dish and garlic noodles.

We also had dessert, the mango custard and the warm chocolate torte.

Best of all, we got to meet Mei’s new boyfriend..:) hehehee….

Oh, by the way, Unicorn restaurant is not kid friendly. They did not have any baby chairs and their reasoning "we are in the financial district and we don't get kids coming in here"... Pretty lame if you ask me. I made sure I filled out the comments form to give them my input..:P

On Sunday, my co-worker invited us to his 2 year old’s bday at City Beach in Fremont. Since we were in the area, we decided to try out the Taiwanese noodles at QQ noodle restaurant. I would recommend this place for noodles. I had the sour and spicy w/pork noodle soup and Gordon had the beef noodle. We also bumped into Peggy and Chyi-San (they were trying this place out too!)

Ryan had his first taste of chinese noodles....

So, at City Beach, there was rock climbing, badminton, basketball, jump house and food! It was a fun birthday event and Ryan was able to crawl everywhere. He also played with Aditi (the birthday girl)

All in all, it was a great weekend. Ryan was super grumpy on the way home and I could not figure out why. Finally, Gordon says his bip is SO wet and I felt a new tooth coming out! That's why he was grumpy.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Babies are fun!

It is so much fun to watch Ryan as he becomes aware of the environment, the people and the things around him.

He is recognizing things, music, people…
Here are a few examples..:)
When I say where is the apple, banana, lemon, papaya, orange and strawberry, he will look towards the eye charts that I stuck on the wall.
He will also crawl towards the eye charts and gets super excited. When he gets to the eye charts, he will bang on them. I think he knows what each item is, but has a hard time banging on the right one…:P
Near the eye charts, there is a pillow that has fishes and boats on it. He can point to the fishes and the boat when I ask him, "where is the fish/boat"
Ok, when I start talking about MILK, he will look at the table where I usually put his milk.
When it is sleeping time, I will sit on his bed and when he sees me, he takes a peek and see if his milk is sitting there, and if it is, he will make whiny noises and crawl towards the bed. I also taught him lie down when he drinks milk, so he would come towards the pillow and flop his head on the pillow while waiting for me to bring the milk. SUPER CUTE!

He also knows "pom pom time" (bath-time) and time to brush teeth.
Ahh! Babies are super cute!
It is also funny that they can only relate one thing with one location. When I read a book to him and I see an apple and I say "see this apple", Ryan will immediately look for the eye chart and head towards it. Hah, in his world, there is only ONE apple!

He learned to "give me" things and put things in boxes. hehehe.. what else can I teach baby..:D

**** I left my camera at a frens house.... grrrr... no pictures and no videos.. *me sad*
Below is one more pic from Gordon's camera......

And here is a pic when Pauline and Tyler visited us a couple of weeks back. Tyler is about 2 weeks younger than Ryan..:)

Monday, November 03, 2008

A fun Halloween!

Ryan celebrated his first halloween.

This year, we dressed him up as Piglet. Ahh,he was sooo cute in the costume. I picked piglet because I think this is the only year I can get away with piglet.... Ryan will never ever want to be piglet in years to come, right? :)

Since Halloween was on a Friday, we headed to San Francisco to trick-or-treat with Gordon's cousins. This is the first time I have ever trick-or-treat in my eleven years in the US! I have been to several halloween parties, but trick or treating is different. It is basically a bunch of walking to people's homes and getting candy.... quite fun..;)

So, Gordon's cousin, Michelle, live about 2 blocks away from a very rich neighborhood in San Francisco. Supposedly there are actors and actresses who live in this area, like Robin Williams and Sharon Stone. Also, since it is a rich neighborhood, it is also very safe...

And of course, everyone knew this, so people were driving over to this neighborhood, parking their cars and trick and treating with the kids. There were hundreds of people getting candy, and the home owners were very nice to hand out so much candy! Outside Robin Williams home, there were people giving out glow sticks. So COOL!
Below is a pic of what the atmosphere looked like... we had to queue up to get to the doorway of the home.... this was just one example.. every home was like that! I wonder how much candy each home owner had to buy...:P

Ryan saying "boo" with the picture above..... he really did not like the piglet ears. we had it on him for like 3 seconds..:P

We walked about 6 blocks and the kids got tired as their bags were getting heavy from too much candy!. It was a cute sight to see the kids walk up to each door way and in their cute voice say "trick or treat".

The candy stash!

Ryan taking a picture with his Uncle Henry..:)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ryan is 9 months and some days old..:)

My baby is growing so fast!

Here are his 9 month numbers:

Weight : 22 pounds 4 ounce (80 percentile)

Height : 30 inches (97 percentile)

Head circumference : 18.5 inches (92 percentile)

He has accomplished so much! Here are some of the exciting things I can remember him doing..:)

Crawling (7 months 10 days)

Responding when I ask him if he wants milk...

Standing while holding something

Climbing up the bed

Learning to climb down the bed with legs first

Climbing up the stairs

Learning to climb down ths stairs with legs first

Going in circles

Moving back and forth when he hears music (9 months)

Looking at the eye chart on the wall when I ask him "where is the apple"

babbling "ma-ma-mama-mama-mama" (i think he says it to ask for food!)

babbling "ba-ba-baba-bababbaba"

He also gets all excited when he hears the water in the bathroom. He knows when he is geting his bathtime!

As for foods, it seems like we have tried a lot! From oat meal to mushrooms, to bean sprouts to pumpkin. I am ready to let him try some noodles and pasta..:)

Above is a picture of Ryan in his lazy boy pose.....

Here is his breakfast menu.. he has the same thing every three days..:)

Trader O's (like Cheerios)

Trader Joes mixed oats with Motts apple sauce

Egg (steamed, hard boiled) - egg whites and yoke

Trader Joe's Baby yogurt


Wheat toast

His main meals are usually porridge made with chicken, carrots and veges and I add either pumpkin, sweet potatoes, broccoli and other stuff.

Here is Ryan's schedule:

5.30am - 5 oz milk

7.10am - Wake up

8.00am - Breakfast

10.00am - 6 oz milk

10.30-11.30 - Sleep

12.30pm - Lunch

2.30pm - 6 oz milk

3.30-4.30pm - Sleep

4.45pm - Fruit (usually banana or grapes or apple)

7.00pm - Dinner with fruit

8.00pm - 7 oz milk

Sounds like a busy day!


We have been taking Ryan to the park whenever we can.... the swing is fun!

Here is a video of Ryan taking a bath in his blue tub.

mmm.. time sure flies.... 1 year old is coming up soon!

oh, in case anyone is interested ....... Ryan currently wears 24 month old clothing.... and his clothes need to have the buttons near the shoulder so the clothes can go over his *big* head....


Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend with frens!

Last weekend, we were able to spend some time with some frens over some good meals..:)

Saturday lunch, we met up with Anastasia and Percy at a new restaurant in Hayward called Bijou. Yes, can you beleive that Hayward has a San Francisco like restaurant!?

We would recommend the burger and the crab salad. We ordered some small plates, including calamari, prawns with spinach and mini quiches. Would not recommend any of the small plates. For dessert, we got some macaroons that tasted quite good.

Below is a pic of the burger with soudough bread.

When we finished lunch, we started talking about dinner and we were all (Gordon, myself, anastasia and percy!) craving Hot Pot at Little Mongolian Sheep in Union City.

Since we knew that hot pot is only fun when more people ate together, Gordon called Timmy and I im-ed Yvonne. Both families agreed to meet up with us for dinner! So nice!!!!

Here are some pics at the dinner. The food was great. Percy did the ordering and ordered the right amount. We ate up all the food! Had to take some yam cake to go since I was too full to eat.

Tyler and Claire were really well-behaved throughout the meal. After they ate, they went to the corner area and gave each other plenty of hugs and danced together..:)

Ryan on the other hand, had to be kept busy by eating! He was super hungry and made lots of noise. He even pulled on the napkin and dropped his food bowl on the ground (it broke) . Good thing he was almost done with his food, else he would have had no dinner!

The restaurant even gave us complimentary ice-cream with raspberries.....

On Sunday, our fren from Bakersfield was in town. Pauline drove over with baby Tyler and her fren, Christine. It was nice to see Tyler again. He is still big and chubby. Sooo cute. I loved holding him and playing with him!

For dinner, we headed over for sushi at the Hayward restaurant... of course, we ordered too much... but everything was good!

Ahh, what a great weekend!

psst : doesn't Ryan look good in the sweater below????? :)