Friday, February 29, 2008

More random videos....

My mom asked why I did not turn on the light while taking a video of Ryan making noise while he sleeps... so, I turned on the light and made another video..:)

Ryan has also started to move his head left and right really quickly.... I am worried he will lose his hair at the back since there is friction when he moves his head......... how? I think he has also learned to lift his legs up when he is pooing or letting out gas..(or do all babies do that????) :P

He also has learned how to struggle when he is upset.... I need to make sure I catch all his "sudden" moves; else he may hurt himself...

Ryan and his Maclaren

Uncle Soon Jin and Aunty Cindy bought Ryan a Maclaren Techno Xlr as a gift when he was born.

I finally got a chance to try it out. We have been using his car seat and the "snap n go" and did not get to test out the Maclaren.

Yesterday, Ryan go in his Maclaren and took a ride..:)

Doesn't Ryan look small in it? This Maclaren is appropriate from birth to 65lbs. I need to add a head-piece that came with the item; that way, Ryan won't look tiny. Good thing there is a 5-point harness to make sure he stays in place..:)

I really like it. It manuevers well and is easy to use. Maybe a little heavy - it is around 16 pounds.

The ride went so well, that he fell asleep. This stroller has five settings; he can sit up, or lay down in it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am 6 weeks old today!

Hooray.. I am now 6-weeks old. What do 6-week old babies do?

I am getting into a schedule. I need to be fed at 6am, 9.30am, 12.30pm, 3.30pm, 6.00pm, 9.00pm and 2.00am. (plus or minus 1 hour....)

After I eat, I try to stay up to play in the daytime but go right back to sleep at night (mummy is loving this). I have a hard time going to sleep after the 6pm feed and bathtime. It takes me an hour as mummy leaves me in the bed with my pacifier. I love my pacifier. It helps me sleep and keeps me quiet when I wake up to let gas out. I get upset when the pacifier drops out of my mouth when I am trying to fall asleep! Mummy has to come over and put it back in my mouth.

Mummy has also started trying to give me the bottle in the daytime so that I get use to the bottle. So far, I don't mind eating from the bottle since I am hungry. Mummy pumps about 4 ounces for each feeding.

I think mummy and daddy are starting to treat me like a 6-month old now! Mummy is already carrying me less cos she says I am too heavy for her. I think mummy needs be build some muscles..;) I also like to push my head backwards suddenly when mummy is trying to burp me. This makes it harder for muumy to burp me...:P

I still make a lot of noise all the time. I like to make loud noises when mummy moves me to burp me and when mummy puts me in my crib. I also make noise at night with my eyes closed. It makes mummy and daddy laugh cos I am so noisy...:) My grandma in Malaysia wants to know if other babies make as much noise at this age...Mummy has tried to catch a video of me making noise at night.. check out the "pictureless but lots of noise" video below....

Here are some videos of me...:)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ryan updates...

ok, time to blog about Ryan...:)

My mom bought me a baby carrier for Ryan from Malaysia. I was finally able to try it out.

Here is me with Ryan in the carrier.... It's not bad. It allows me to free up one hand and to distribute the weight better...(Ryan is getting pretty heavy for me)....

I did find it rather hot for Ryan.. too much cloth....but it is nice if I want to bring him out to the garden and just to hang out downstairs.....I did have a hard time putting him down after he fell asleep...:P I have to un-pick the sling to put him down... Here is a picture of me successfully putting him down without waking him up... (I should mention that he slept for another 5 minutes and woke up anyways........)

Other news about Ryan..... he has found a way to move around his crib. We would put him down at night at one location, and within two hours.. he would have moved about 90 degrees from the original location.... the pics below explains it..... not sure how he moves, but somehow, it happens..:)

Ryan has also started making lots of noises... both when he is sleeping and when he is not..... he started snoring....learned to cough.... lots of grunting noises...just lots of noise in general.... I think he is ready to speak..:).... Last night, he made so many noises all throughout the night that Gordon and I are considering moving him to his own room....:D

Here is a short tummy time video..:)

Here is another random video...

Another CNY gathering

Ee Ling invited us to her place for a CNY gathering since Audrey was in town..:)

They cooked up a storm and included all the CNY kinds of food including prawns, fish, a chai dish, mu-choy meat and duck. Everything was yummy!

To add to the festivities, I made another set of Yee Sang..:) I should make a business out of this.... anyone want to put any orders in?

Happy Valentine's Day

Another year.... Happy Valentine's Day!

Gordon and I were planning to head out for lunch since he was still on vacation.. however, Ryan was sleeping... so we ended up eating at home..

At night, we did plan to have fondue at home.... So, we melted a whole bar of chocolate, cut up some fruits and feasted...:)

The following day, we had better planning and ate out for lunch. We headed over to The Bridges Country Club in San Ramon. This place overlooks a golf course and million dollar homes. It was a nice and sunny day... so we sat outside. Gordon ordered a burger and I went for the Neiman Ranch steak. It was yum!

Yes, it was super hot outside...ahh.. we love California winters..;)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ryan is 30 days old!

Happy 30 days old, Ryan...:)

We saw the doctor today and Ryan is 11 pounds 13 oz.... He is 94 percentile in weight...:)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yogurt Shack in Danville

Today, we headed to Martinez to pick up Ryan's birth certificate...

On the way back, we stopped at Yogurt Shack in Danville (recommended by Yvonne)
I really like the place.... They have about 6 different kinds of yogurts and you can pick any flavor you want, add the toppings and pay according to the weight of your yogurt plus toppings..:)

They have all kinds of toppings including fresh blueberries and strawberries... Since it was by weight, Gordon and I got different flavors and different toppings....


yes, yes, I know I am not suppose to be eating cold stuff....and I am still trying to lose the pregnancy weight...;)

Daddy and Ryan.....

Here is daddy spending some time with Ryan....

ok ok.... daddy does other things as well...

Here is daddy bathing Ryan....

And daddy reading to Ryan...

Ryan's Signature Pose?

We just noticed that Ryan likes a certain pose...:P

This one was right after Ryan came out. Mummy was still at the surgery table.

This one was last week sometime..

And this one was from yesterday...... wondering what Ryan is thinking about.....

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here is Ryan with his ang pow.

We did not do anything on CNY day. Celebrations in the US is quiet. We had our reunion dinner with Gordon's family on the eve of CNY and his cousins came over on Saturday to our house to hang out..:)

Yesterday(Sunday), we headed over to Cheng Lin's house to continue the celebration. I made Yee Sang from scratch..:) It was actually easy and did not take much time.

I put on the following ingredients; radish, carrot, peanuts, sesame seeds, pomelo, red ginger, yellow ginger, lime, fried wanton skin, fried wanton noodles (for the crunchy-ness). The sauce was mainly the Lee Kum Kee Plum sauce with some sesame oil and hoisin sauce.

Here is the initial product..

Here is us getting ready to mix up the yee sang...

Lo hei!

Here is the yee sang ready to be eaten.>>:)

Here are some group pics..

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Visiting Great-Grandma and Henry's Bday!

Yesterday (Feb 5), we went out to SF to visit Gordon's grandma (a.k.a. Ryan's Great Grandma). She was mostly excited to see him and kept commenting about how big he was..:)

It was also Henry's bday and he choose to eat at Il Fornaio (an italian restaurant). This was our first sit down dinner with baby Ryan. He was sleeping until the food showed up, and then he wanted to eat... so mummy fed him with a blanket covering him.. The restaurant was quiet for a weekday, so it was easy to feed him at the table.

Gordon had the lasagna, his parents shared a pizza, henry has some special green pasta and I had the special tube pasta.

Here is me feeding Ryan..:)

Happy Birthday Henry!

Overall, it was a good trip out. Ryan slept most of the time so it was really easy to take care of him. He definitely likes car rides as he sleeps really quickly when the car is moving.. :)

Here is a pic of Ryan before going out...

Playtime for Ryan

This morning, mummy was all prepared to have playtime with Ryan but he fell asleep.....

Here's us playing with Ryan after he woke up...:)

Tummy time for Ryan...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ryan saying hi to Uncle Jin on Day 3

Another video from my sis..

Ryan drinking formula on Day 3

My sis just shared this video she took of Ryan on day 3... I had to feed him formula to make sure he pee-ed and poo-ed more to help with the jaundice...

This short video shows how excited he was to take the bottle..:)

From Ryan Kwan - Day 24

Hello world! I am Ryan Kwan and I am 24 days old.

The first 24 days of my life has been interesting. I miss being in mummy's tummy, where it is quiet and warm. Out here, it can be too warm or too cold (depending on how my mummy dresses me)....

I have been a good boy so far... I love being carried and love my parents's bed! So far, I have pee-ed, poo-ed and drooled milk on their bed. My bed is still clean.

My sleeping habits has been changing constantly. I used to fall asleep on my own but now, I would want someone to hold me and when they put me down on my bed, I would wake up ( I am sure this drives my parents nuts since they already spent all that time holding me to sleep). My parents decided to stop my crying by putting a pacifier in my mouth. I am unsure if I like it yet, but I am willing to give it a try...:)

I wake up constantly with stomach pains due to gas in my tummy. I would cry and need some comforting while the gas comes out through my butt. I wonder if that would go away as it does hurt and there is nothing anyone can do.

My parents treat me like a 3 month old. I have to remind them that I am only 24 days old. I love getting kisses from them, and love my bath time that is usually followed by a massage from my mummy.

I have yet to get into any schedule. I eat when I like and sleep when I like. My mom tried to follow the Baby Wise method (eat, play, nap) but it is not working for me. When I play, I cannot nap as I am wide awake. I need to eat again before I can nap. I am also a power napper. I can nap for 10 minutes and be happy.

Oh, I had my first giggle on day 23. I also can laugh when mummy plays rough with me. My eyes can follow the sounds of noises and I love to move my hands up and down especially when I am agitated. I recently found out I have fingers and tried to suck my thumb yesterday.

Here is me lying on my mummy. I can sleep for hours if someone is carrying me. I don't like my crib...

I love it when daddy plays with me and carries me...

Please continue to read this blog to see more pictures of ME!


Grandma, Ryan and the Internet

On a daily basis, grandma in Malaysia wants to see baby Ryan..:) So, mummy sets up the webcam and turns up the microphone and speakers and Grandma gets to talk, hear and watch Ryan..:D

Aunty Cindy and Uncle Jin also get to watch Ryan thru the webcam....

What would we do without the internet?

Friday, February 01, 2008

Waking Ryan....

Here is a video of mummy trying to wake Ryan up to take a bath...:)

Acura MDX Touring

After having only one car for 1 year and 4 months (I sold my Honda in Sept 06...)We finally have a 2nd car! After months of searching, we have purchased our second car; a 2004 Acura MDX Touring.

The buying process has been fun. We found a wholesaler in Fremont and he would go for Acura auctions and bid for the car that we want. He would send us a list of cars with the number of miles, color and options and we would tell him how much we are willing to pay for the car out the door.:) Most of time, he would call us and tell us that someone asked for a higher price for the car. There was once when we did get the car at the right price, but the inspection report came back bad, so he had to reject the car. The wholesaler does take a commision, but at the end of the day, we did save about 3k out the door compared to kbb prices.

Anyways, we now have a Pearl Brush Sage (a.k.a Gray-Green) Acura..:) Gordon is super excited and has been playing around with the car the last few days. This car has the option to have 7 seater, which I think is pretty cool. If we put the extra two seats up, there will be less trunk space. Kinda cool for special cases..:)

Check out the pics...

Let us know if you want to know the Wholesaler too...:D

Too cute....