Saturday, September 25, 2010

Zoo with the boys

We made it to the zoo again with Ethan and Daran..

 It was hard to get a pic with the boys sitting together..:)

 Busy looking at the birds..

Pics with Sodany and Kay.

and, the video speaks it all.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy ONE year old birthday Dylan

Dylan is officially a year old!

We had a party for him at Rainbow Pizza in San Mateo. We found this restaurant via The good reviews and a place that can host lots of people allowed us to decide on the restaurant without trying it first..:)

Daddy and the birthday boy

Mummy and the birthday boy.

We had like 40 adults and 30 kids.. big crowd. The food turned out great (we ordered several pizzas, a greek salad, ceasar salad, three kinds of pastas and garlic bread). This place is known for their super huge pastas.

We also had a face painter and a balloon twister. The kids loved it and each had their face painted and a balloon.

The cake was also yummie..We got a cake with train tracks and added our own train (gift from lily) and some other road signs to the cake. Made the cake look pretty cool!

Birthdays are such fun! Happy Birthday my baby Dylan.We love you!
Dylan's birthday presents..:)

I think Ryan had more fun, since he blew out the candles and opened the presents...

Kids videos

Forgot that I uploaded some videos and did not put them on my blog..:p

Here they are:

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Dylan walks at 11 months 2 weeks

:) My little baby is walking.. here are some videos.

He is so happy when he tries to walk. The excitement, and probably being to walk just like Ryan makes him happy too!

Happy walking Dylan!