Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doctor appt @4 months and @2 years old

We made it to our doctor appt last week. We scheduled both kids on the same day and it worked out great. Ryan was less frighten since Dylan was there with him and he was willing to get his weight and height since Dylan went first. I guess Ryan prefers someone else going before him to take away the fear..hehehehe

Both kids are growing well! We are happy with the clean bill of health for both kids. After seeing the doctor, Ryan got three shots and Dylan got three too. Ryan gave the nurse a glare after his shots.heheheh!

Here are the numbers:

Ryan Kwan

Weight : 31 lb 4.8oz (85 percentile)

Height : 3 ft (87 percentile)

Head size : 19.76" (86 percentile)

Dylan Kwan
Weight : 16 lb 12 oz (85 percentile)
Height : 2 ft 1.75"(81 percentile)
Head size : 16.5" (42 percentile)

Yes, it looks like Ryan might be 6 ft in adult height (based on the myth that his adult height is two times the two year old height). Also, we are considering moving him to 2% low fat milk. He still drink about 22 ounces of whole milk a day now. And he sleeps only at 9.30pm and wakes up around 7am. His naps are 2 hours starting around 1pm. What a change from before..:)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Post vacation pics

Here are some pics when my sis was around..:)

Dylan looking like a snow angel. Too cute!

Three cousins chilling...

Merry Christmas from the cousins.

Cute shot!

Some cute videos.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't like it!

Yes, "don't like it" is Ryan's new phrase....

And he is very clear when he doens't like something; he yells DON'T LIKE IT.

So far, he doesn't like:

1. Water poured on his head during bathing time..
2. Spicy stuff
3. Tickling


He can also say "go work(pause), make money(pause), buy milk..... that's like a whole sentence...

Ohh, he also doesn't like freeways. When he wants to get out of his carseat, he says "no freeway" - asking us to get off the freeway so the car will stop and he can get off.

ohhh. and he says "I want go that way" and points to the road away from the house.... he doesnt like to go home and just loves to go out..
I am impress by his vocab and speech...New words show up and he can mix english and chinese and he remembers a bunch of stuff that we tell him.

Last week, Ryan started his basketball class. It's just a class that teaches the kids how to dribble the basketball. First class was good. He participated, listened to the teacher and played around.

oh, recently, Ryan can walk up the stairs without holding the sides of the stairs... kinda cool...:)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am 4 months old....

Hello world. It's me, Dylan and I am 4 months old...

 So many things has happened over the last 4 months. I have been busy; travelling to LA, Lake Tahoe.. travelling is fun since I am in my car seat and it bounces when the car is moving. makes it so easy for me to sleep..:)

I also met my ah-yee, uncle jin and beanie for the first time. They all adore me and are ready to adopt me. But, mummy said no.... too bad! Singapore would have been fun!

Here are some things to updates:
1. My nickname is di-di (it stands for small brother in mandarin)
2. I can laugh loud when mummy kisses me.
3. I can cough and get attention
4. I drink about 5 ounces of milk during each feed. I feed about every 4 hours. Mummy feeds me breastmilk and formula daily.
5. I follow the eat, play, sleep schedule.
6. I love the pacifier. When it is time to sleep, the pacifier goes into my mouth, my head goes between two pillows, and I go straight to sleep. Mummy thinks I am the easiest baby to put to sleep.... since she doesn't have to rock me to sleep.
7. I am still not sleeping throught the night. I wake up and make noises, and mummy is afraid I would wake up Ryan, so she feeds me.....
8. I love sleeping on mummy's bed. When I make noise, she is right next to me and she pats me.
9. I can hold my own bottle when mummy uses a blanket to prop the bottle
10. I love the TV. When I hear it, I move my head towards the sound.
11. I love my ko-ko (big brother). When he is playing near me, I am fascinated. If I am drinking milk, I rather not drink and just watch him. He also loves to kiss me and shares all his toys with me.

Till next time, please keep reading my blog!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Ryan

Happy 2nd Birthday Ryan...

Since my sis was in town, I was too busy to plan a party for Ryan... my fren Lily offered to plan it for me at her house, so I said sure!

The theme for the party was cars. There was a cars cake, sandwiches that had car shapes and cars gift bags.
It was cool, cos everything was planned and completed within 1 week. Lily wants to go into the events planning business... so anyone interested, please contact her..:)

Our lovely family pics.

The next day, we headed to SF for another party at Gordon's cousins home
Gordon was in charge of the menu and lately, we have been trying out all the crawfish places. This time, he ordered from Red Crawfish in the Tenderloin. He ordered a total of 4 pounds of crawfish! Although we asked for mild sauces, it was still spicy.Everyone did love the different dish this time..:)
We also ordered pizzas from Little Star pizza on Divisadero.

We got two pounds of cajun flavor, one pound of garlic butter and one pound of lemon garlic. All were yums but spicy.
On Ryan's real bday, we headed over to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate with my inlaws and brother in law. The bread there is yums. We were surprise how busy it was for a 6.30pm dinner on a weekday. Gordon liked the rib eye. The onion blossom was yums too..

Yes, my darling boy had three bday celebrations, three cakes and multiple happy bday songs.. and I am sure he enjoyed every single time we sang the song.

He also had some great presents. His favorite right now, is the kids camera from Ken and Pauline..:)

ohh.... for the record, Ryan measured at 33 inches on his 2nd bday.... this would mean he may be 5' 6" at adult height.....

Three kids?

While my sis and family were here, we got a chance to baby sit my niece a couple of times while my sis and hubby watched a movie, went skiing and went shopping,

It was fun trying to juggle three kids at the same time and gave Gordon and I a chance to experience three kids, so we know what it would be like if we tried for a third..:)

While they went skiing, we played snow with the kids, and made sure they drank their milks and were full...

We took them to the farmers market and the park.. Of course, with Dylan in his car seat, it was really only taking care of two kids....
Sophie was easy while we took care of her. She did not mind that her parents were not around. She stuck close to me and allowed me to put her to sleep, feed her and hugged me when she woke up. I even put her on the potty several times so she could poo-poo. Extremely well-behaved. hehehehehe.

Now, the question is "do we want to take care of three kids full-time"? :)

Videos of cousins playiing..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow videos.

Fun times in the snow..:)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dylan the angel...

So while the cousins are busy flighting/playing... where is Dylan?

Baby Dylan was being an angel. During both trips to LA and Sough Lake Tahoe, he was the most well behaved kid in the journey.

He slept most of the time, and when he was awake, he was busy coo-ing and being happy.

What a happy kid.:)

Dylan was oblivious of our travelling. For him, as long he had milk, his pacifier and sleep, he was good..heheheheh

As I write this blog, baby Dylan is fast asleep on my bed. We decided the best strategy to make sure everyone gets enough sleep, is to have Dylan sleep with me, and Ryan sleep with Gordon. This way, all of us get our sleep.

Dylan is being picky with the bottle. He prefers the breast compared to the bottle and would take the bottle very slowly. Ryan was way too fast with the bottle, but Dylan is slower. He feeds every four hours, about 4-5 ounces.

As for sleeping through the night, he has his own schedule. Sometimes, he will sleep through, other times, he will wake up 1-2 times.. I am still trying to figure him out..:)

Dylan is also much easier to put to nap/sleep. Once he gets his pacifier, he likes to stuff his face into the pillows and fall asleep. We have not brought out the swing, and it looks like we will not need to bring it out (which is good, cos there is no space in the house)

He also doesn't poo daily. Usually once every 3-4 days (possibly why he wakes up at night).

All is all, he is really an angel. We are blessed to have another sweet and mellow child..:)

Click here for a video of Dylan at 3.5 months old....

The cousins.

Things were fine the first day. Ryan was happy to see another kid his age and Sophie was excited to play with another friend.
but but, the second day came around and Ryan decided he did not want to play with Sophie... so he pushed her whenever she got near! Yikes...

At Tahoe, he even pulled her hair and made Sophie cry! Sophie does not cry when she gets pushed, but pulling her hair hurt and she cried. Poor girl and poor Cindy who was shocked! After Ryan made Sophie cry, he immediately tried to love her back to stop her from crying and he said sorry several times. I think he was surprised that Sophie cried too!

Check out the sequence of pics below.... First they play, then Ryan attacks and poor sophie.. wondering what just happened...

Pics above at a hotel in San Diego.. the kids don't mind sitting together when they are eating..

He doesn't mind sharing his toys, but when he wants something, he grabs it from Sophie and pushes her away. He also doesn't want her to touch anything that belongs to us (like Dylan, and our phones, and others).

We can only hope they will play well soon. It  ended up us having to watch them even closer to make sure there is no pushing or hitting.

There are good minutes too, when they actually play together and we were able to get some pictures..:) The bathtub ones were the best...

Oh, towards the end of the trip, Sophie decided to take matters in her own hands, and she bit Ryan! The first two times, she only bit his clothes, so no biggie.. after that, she bit his hand. Ryan was shocked and let out a big wahhhhh. Sophie got a time-out.

Two days later, I though Sophie was giving Ryan a hug and next thing I know.. Ryan goes WAHH.. Sophie hugged him and bit him on his chest. Another big time-out for beanie.....

kids will be kids..:P

Let it snow!

So, two days after our trip to LA, we had another trip, but this time, we headed north to South Lake Tahoe.

We reserved a 6 bedroom cabin and had 6 families head up to Tahoe. There were 14 adults, 5 kids and 6 kids < two years old.

The cabin was gorgeous. It had a huge kitchen, a pool table, a sauna and a jacuzzi (i was able to go in twice and it was fun!). It also had a huge backyard fill with snow. The kids could sled, play in snow and build snowmans with all the snow. It was super convenient since we did not have to dress the kids up and put them in the car. Just dress them and they were ready to play!

Gordon and I opted out on skiing this time around so we spent most of the time just hanging in the cabin. Our rooms were nice and there was a bathtub for the kids to play in water. For food, it was a run to Safeway and all food was shared. Meals were simple, including instant noodles, hot pot, pasta, curry chicken and more instant noodles!

It was tough getting the kids dressed up to play in the snow. There was the snow bip, snow jacket, snow shoes and gloves. The kids sure enjoyed the snow. Must be extremely fascinating for them to see this white cold stuff (it was fascinating for me!)

Our car held up well with the snow, since Gordon had new all weather tires and new brakes. We felt secure driving the car.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Our trip to LA, San Diego and Disneyland

My sis, bro-in-law and niece are in town.

We decided it was a good idea to do a road trip to get away from the cold.. so down south we headed.

We started off at 9.45am, stopped at Kettleman's City for In-n-Out and continued down to Manhattan Beach. We arrived around 5pm. Way too long cos Ryan threw-up during our stop and we ended up stopping for 1.5 hours.:P ( We think he got car sick).

Dinner was at C&O Tratorria. We were introduced to this place by Ee Ling when we visited her many many years ago and decided to come here again for the great pasta selections. We all wanted to eat more seafood during this trip, so our meals were mostly seafood.:)

Next, we hit the Santa Monica pier where Ryan and Sophie were fascinated by the ferris wheel lights and the roller coaster.

The next day, we headed further south to Sealife in Carlsbad... actually, we wanted to hit the outlets in Carlsbad, and had to make sure we did something for the kids, so we went to Sealife as well. Do NOT go to Sealife. Not worth the money at all; good thing the kids were free and we got some 10 dollar tickets from a friend.

We continued our journey to the Gas Lamp area for our hotel (Sheraton Suites). The hotel was nice (priceline) but access to the hotel was difficult since it was downtown and we had to go to the 12th floor to get to the lobby and another lift to get to our room.

Next, we had to eat! So, Soon Jin found us this really nice seafood restaurant in a small neighborhood in Pacific Beach. We were seated quick and the food was yummy. We ordered more seafood; salmon, cod fish and chips, sea bass.. yums.

At San Diego, the weather was cold! We managed to check out the beautiful Coronado beaches (there is an ice skating rink at the hotel)! and Mission Beach where Ryan and Sophie sat on the carousel.]

oh! for breakfast, we went to this brunch place called Hash House A Go Go. The food portions here were huge! Check out my sis's blueberry pancake. I ordered the Turkey hash but it was no good. Gordon ordered the fried chicken and also the HUGE french toast! Since we could not finish the food, we took it to go... near mission beach, we saw a homeless guy and made a quick decision to give him our food.....poor sis, did not get a chance to try the french toast since she thought she could eat it later... heheheh!

The next day, we hit our last stop. Disneyland! Disneyland was beautiful during Christmas time. I totally forgot about how one needs to stand in line to sit on the rides. Not too fun cos Mr Ryan decided to hit everyone who stood in front of him. grrrrrr. I spent much time apologizing to everyone he hit.

We hit the Small world, the train ride, the Autopia car ride, Alice in Wonderland and watched the parade. Gordon and Dylan stayed at the hotel which was easier, since we did not have to stay in line with a baby. Ryan was so tired by 6.30 and crashed before the parade started. He continued sleeping till 5.30am, in spite of me moving him from the stroller to the bus, and from the bus to the hotel room and he missed his dinner too.

Gordon bought his dinner to the room and had some super yummie Shrimp and Crawfish from Joe's Crab Shack. It was SO good. I am thinking about it right now....

The whole trip was a success (although it was colder down there). With 4 adults, and 3 kids under two in one car... that's tough but we made it!