Sunday, March 23, 2014

Brandon at 11 months.

Yikes. The baby is going to be a toddler! !

His latest development:
Knows the word " give mummy". I would ask him to give me his toy and he hands it over.
He still sleeps twice for 1.5 hours each. He drinks 6 ounces of milk every 4 hours.
He is trying to stand and walk. He loves hanging out at the top of the stairs and calls us with his cute noises.
He knows how to turnaround when coming down the bed and the stairs.
He gets super excited when he hears Ryan or dylan. He would want to go out to see them.

Ryan @ 6 years and 3 months

Here is Ryan!

He now knows how to :
Tell time on the clock.
Read a lot of words. The hard ones are names, and random big words. He has to read two books for school daily.
He is in the process of learning multiplivation. He understands the  concept.
He gets upset when we pick him up late at Bee Best. He thinks we will forget to pick him up.
He is very good at watching Brandon. He rather watch Brandon than play the ipad :)
He just started cycling his big bike with two wheels.

Check out his basketball team pic.  He enjoys the game.

He had his first science fair at proctor. He showed skittles in water.

He is into the Rainbow Loom craze. He made me make him a penguin and a minion:)