Thursday, October 25, 2007

Anastasia's Surprise Birthday

On Saturday, we attended Anastasia's surprise bday party in San Francisco. Her darling husband, Percy and fren, Kelly planned this one for her like weeks in advance.

The surprise party was held at Pres A Vi, a restaurant in the marina area. The location of the restaurant is hidden, but it has great views of the Palace of Fine Arts. As always, we have never heard of the restaurant, but Percy knew the place and when Percy and Anastasia recommend a place, it is always good..:)

Since Anastasia is super popular, she had a total of like 27 guest for her surprise party.... so we had a huge room and her frens brought balloons, hats, table toppers, horns and lots of noisemakers. It was fun...:) Anastasia was also a good sport and wore silly head pieces and a badge that says "kiss the bday girl".
The food was good as well. Percy went ahead and pre-ordered and the food was served tapas style. About 4-5 people shared each dish, but we definately ended up with a lot of food and leftovers as well.

On the menu was, Duck buns, Hamachi, papaya salad, tomato risotto, ratatouille, hanger steak and chocolate raspberry cake.... what a meal!

Click here to view more photos from the party. We had a blast! We also met up with some people we have not seen in a couple of years/months...:) Happy Birthday Anastasia!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pregnancy food..........

Here is my favourite pregnancy food..:)

Cornflakes with cranberries, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, flax seeds and milk........

This is what I eat if I wake up in the middle of the night and feel hungry..:)

The other food I like is peanut butter jelly sandwich...

I don't think these are food I crave.. they are just foods that are available when I am hungry.... I would prefer to eat nasi lemak, roti canai, curry laksa, assam laksa, rojak, fried mee hoon, curry puff, twisties, fried kuew teow.... etc...:)

When Gordon's parents visit us or when we visit them, i hear a bunch of "no this and no that".... here are foods I cannot eat....

Chilli sauce, lamb, prawns, durians, lychee, too many bananas, cold water, tea, etc etc..
Pregnancy is fun..:)

October weekend

We started Saturday attending one of our many pregnancy classes. This one was about how to breastfeed the baby......a 2 hour class. Next week, we will attend the lamaze class... that one is a friday night and 8 hours on Saturday... hope it is interesting....

After the class, we met up with Timmy, Sirintorn and baby Tyler for lunch. We tried a new Thai place in Ulferts center; Thai Basil Express. The food was good. We ordered the Phad Thai, the panang curry, Green bean chicken and Rad-na pork noodles... don't recommend the noodles, but the two dishes were good.

It was fun to hang out with Baby Tyler... he is growing fast and can now walk and say a few words... he is 15 months old:)

For dinner, we bought a fish from Ranch 99 (the new one in Dublin) and made some fish soup at home.

Sunday was quiet.... our fren Gideon passed away after he went in for a 10 hour surgery due to a burst blood vessel in his heart. The doctors said he lost too much blood.... it was sudden. Life is weird.......

Monday, October 08, 2007

Scott's Bday and meeting Kok Keat's gf..:)

Over the weekend, we headed over to Scott's third bday in San Ramon... this kid is super friendly; as soon as we entered the door, his parents were in the kitchen and he came over and gave us a hug... it was cute...he was very well behaved throughout the day... he also preferred to play with adults then kids his own age.... (i think it was because the adults did not snatch toys from him) hehehe... I forgot to take pictures....

in the evening, we headed to SF chinatown to meet up with Bee (Kok Keat's gf) and two of her other frens. This is the first time Gordon and I met with her... It was nice to see show KK was dating..:D Of course, she was sweet and socialble..:)

We decided to have dinner at a hole in the wall; Sam Woo restuarant on Washington and Grant St. This was my first time here and we had a super experience. The staff at this restaurant is totally rude and that it is funny...:D Bee and gang walked up to the third floor and the waitress at the top yelled in Chinese "no more space upstairs; go downstairs; don't come upstairs"; however, the second floor was close (there was a chain at the entrance) so we headed downstairs and the staff downstairs totally ignored us. Finally we asked, and they said they will open the floor for us..

At the table, the waitress we got looked mad and when Bee wanted to substitute her noodles with a different kind, the waitresss gave her the look... it was too funny... I don't think i can capture the moment.....:P After that, we wanted to keep one menu so that henry can order, and the waitress said in chinese "i don't have enough menus" and she took it all back..:)

All in all, it was memorable... I think Bee and gang got a real taste of chinatown..:)
We ended the night with mocha and tiramisu in North Beach.

Dai and Lily's Bday

Two weekends ago, we celebrated Dai and Lily's bday..:) It was a good excuse for us to get together, hang out and eat.

Our food consisted of fatty chinese stuff....

1. fried chicken from Gourmet Kitchen in SF Chinatown - on Stockton St (between Jackson and Washington),

2. fried noodles,

3. egg tarts from Golden Gate bakery on Grant St

4. sesame ball from Do Ho on Pacific St

5. Strawberries from farmers market in Emeryville

6. Cake from Sheng Kee Bakery

7. Mooncakes from Golden Gate Bakery and Eastern bakery..:)

Thank you Ee ling for helping out with the food..:)

I have to list the streets as well, as there were people asking me where some of the food came from and I did not know the name of the restaurant since Gordon was buying the food.... now I can refer to my blog if I ever forget.:D:D..

We had loads of was especially nice to see the babies; baby alissa, baby alexis and baby kaylyn.. pics below will show how much they have all grown.