Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Ryan

Happy 2nd Birthday Ryan...

Since my sis was in town, I was too busy to plan a party for Ryan... my fren Lily offered to plan it for me at her house, so I said sure!

The theme for the party was cars. There was a cars cake, sandwiches that had car shapes and cars gift bags.
It was cool, cos everything was planned and completed within 1 week. Lily wants to go into the events planning business... so anyone interested, please contact her..:)

Our lovely family pics.

The next day, we headed to SF for another party at Gordon's cousins home
Gordon was in charge of the menu and lately, we have been trying out all the crawfish places. This time, he ordered from Red Crawfish in the Tenderloin. He ordered a total of 4 pounds of crawfish! Although we asked for mild sauces, it was still spicy.Everyone did love the different dish this time..:)
We also ordered pizzas from Little Star pizza on Divisadero.

We got two pounds of cajun flavor, one pound of garlic butter and one pound of lemon garlic. All were yums but spicy.
On Ryan's real bday, we headed over to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate with my inlaws and brother in law. The bread there is yums. We were surprise how busy it was for a 6.30pm dinner on a weekday. Gordon liked the rib eye. The onion blossom was yums too..

Yes, my darling boy had three bday celebrations, three cakes and multiple happy bday songs.. and I am sure he enjoyed every single time we sang the song.

He also had some great presents. His favorite right now, is the kids camera from Ken and Pauline..:)

ohh.... for the record, Ryan measured at 33 inches on his 2nd bday.... this would mean he may be 5' 6" at adult height.....


Sheryl said...

Wow, he's already 2?! I remember when he was still a BABY! Happy Birthday Ryan! ;-)

dai said...

Happy 2nd birthday big boy!

Truly Us said...

wei, you forgot he celebrated at cheese cake factory? tsk! and dang, we missed out on crawfish :(