Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ryan is 2 months old!

Our little boy is growing quickly. He is already 8 weeks old.

So far Ryan has been very healthy, eating well and sleeping well. He now eats every 4 hours, starting around 7am, 11am, 3pm and 6.30pm. He will sleep from 7pm to around midnight and wake up to eat and sometimes, he will sleep till 6am.... lately, he has been waking up around 4am and wants to eat again. And now, with the time change, his schedule is all messed up!

Here is a video of Ryan looking at himself in the mirror. (there is a mirror on the hanging turtle)


He is also awake more now and loves to play..:P He likes to look at himself in the mirror and can spend many minutes doing that.

At this time, he doesn't like tummy time, but since he moves around a lot, I am not worried.. he loves to move his hands and legs and continues to move in his crib at night and make loads of sounds..

He still loves his baths...

He does have a hard time taking his naps. He is still learning to comfort himself but it is hard. In the afternoons, we have to try almost all the props as he tries to sleep. We put him in the following; car seat, vibrating bouncer, left and right swing, back and forth swing, crib, bed..:P If we let him cry, he would not stop until he gets picked up.

Good news is that he is taking the bottle. We bottle-feed him twice, 10am and 2pm. I think he likes the bottle better since the flow of the milk is constant. Gordon's mom fed him one time and she said he is so "sam-kap" when he takes the bottle. This translate to him being too excited when he takes the bottle.... like he hasn't eaten for many days..:P hungry boy I guess.....:)

Here is mummy and daddy trying out the baby bjorn.

More videos..:)

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