Wednesday, March 05, 2008

mmm... my "happy" foods

Being in the US for 9 years now, there are some foods in Malaysia that I really miss...

Here are some of the foods I can get in the US that make me happy...:)

1. Durian

We get fresh durian and frozen durian in the US. We tried the fresh durian before (refer to this blog "durian galore") and decided that the frozen durians are just as good for 99 cents a pound..:) The frozen durians in the US are very creamy and sweet.I think this is such a good deal... it comes up to around 50 cents a seed.. Even Gordon has grown a liking for durian.

2. Loong-yook a.k.a dried pork

We seem to only be able to find the fresh loong-yook in New York. Our fren, Cheng Lin recommended the boxed loong-yook. We tried in a couple of times at Cheng Lin's house and finally bought our own box..:). One big box is around 12 bucks.

3. Sambal

Ahh... what would life be without sambal (refer to this to see what sambal is). I use to make sambal on my own, but my sis picked up one at Ranch 99 one time, and it was so good, that I went back and go more....:) Just add some lime and this thing is super. It says "mild" but even I think it is spicy. It is around 3.99 a bottle..

4. Julie Love Letters Chocolate Flavor

I really like these, but only if they are in the tin. The ones in the box or plastic case are not as fresh. I have a hard time finding the ones in the tin.... but they are yummy. I think they are 5 bucks a tin.

5. Mama Tom Yum instant noodle

ohh.. instant noodle... this is my favourite brand and flavor... I can eat instant noodle anytime and I even crave for instant noodle!! Whenever Gordon is travelling and there is nothing in the fridge, this is what I eat. Of course, Gordon doesn't like me eating instant noodles, so he tries to make sure there is some kind of food in the fridge when he travels..:P... these are 29 cents a packet.........................................

These are the five main things I can think of for now.... of course, I like any Malaysian food including rojak, fried kuew teow, beef rendang, assam laksa.......... and I like chocolate including Nutella.....:)

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