Sunday, November 18, 2007

Birthday.. and Malaysian Restaurant

We spent Saturday down in the South Bay.

Brunch was with Eeling, Eric, Chung, Lily, Jaden and Alissa at HK Saigon Restaurant.. we had dim sum..:)

After that we headed over to Lily's house, where the guys played some Wii.

In celebration of the November birthdays, Ee Ling bought a cake for both Gordon and Eric.. It was a really nice cheesecake from Sheng Kee.

The guys were really funny as they were standing about 3 feet from each other, even though they had to share the cake and blow the candles out together..:p I was telling ee ling if it was the girls, we would have been right next to each other..;)

Ee Ling and I also spent some time at Trudy's looking at wedding dresses.... we think this is her last trip to a bridal shop... since she only has two on her list..:D But... we will see.
Dinner was the highlight of the day..:) Lily mentioned a malaysian restaurant in San Mateo called Langkawi Malaysian Restaurant, and since we were meeting up with Gordon's fren, Jeanifer and her bf, Bao, we decided to head over there. Ee Ling and Eric joined us as well..:)

We started the meal by two appetizers; roti canai and rojak. The rojak was excellent. They did not water down the sauce like other restaurants do...Gordon also ordered the cendol before the meal....he is really learning to eat like a malaysian.......

For the main meal, we had char kuew teow, assam laksa, taro's nest, beef rendang, and assam okra. Gordon liked the beef rendang the most as the meat was tender. I liked the assam laksa. We think Gordon's frens liked the meal..:)

As we headed home, Gordon said he wanted to go back to try the curry laksa...:) I am glad malaysian food has a great impact on Gordon..:D:D

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Tze & Yeesin said...

About the guys standing far apart, its a guy rule thing you know. Any closer than 3 feet apart, especially when faces are close, it gets into NO-NO territory! BTW, we looking forward to our little one, but you;'ll beat us to it first!