Monday, March 17, 2008

Ryan's 2 month check-up...

Ryan had his 2-month check-up today.

He is now 13 pounds 10 ounces (86 percentile in weight) and 24 1/4 inches in height (88 percentile in height)

Doctor gave him a clean bill of health.

Ryan also had three jabs and 1 oral vaccination. He yelled when the first jab was put in and before he can even take a breathe, the other two were done. The nurse really knew what she was doing..:)

We are watching him closely now to see if he develops a fever. He seems a little fussy.

Ryan also learned to put his hands in his mouth last friday. He likes to put the whole hand in and suck on it.:)

Here is Ryan at the doctor's office..
Video of Ryan doing his tummy time while waiting for the doctor.

Ryan snores too.... here is a short video of his snoring..:p

Two more random videos..:)

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