Friday, June 09, 2006

New York New York

We have been back for a week and the half and I still have not blogged about my New York trip! What a slacker...;)

New York was so much fun especially with our great host Andreas and Lin Li. They made this trip SO memorable and have got us hooked to Strawberry Mojitas.. errr, yes, that is an alcoholic drink... but we LOVE it.....

During this great trip, we did the regular sight seeing including Times Square, Central Park, Rockefella Center. Chinatown.. Our favourite restaurant is Noonya. Super great Prawn Mee. If you are in the area, you HAVE to try it. They also have super Rojak.

Gordon's favourite was also the Gelato in Little Italy. Imported gelato.. yummmm... Here is a picture of the girls in front of the gelato place..

We also watched a symphony by Mahler. Super presentation. And we watched a broadway show... "The Producers". A very funny show. Worth watching. Was planning on catching " The Odd Couple" but it was sold out...

Of course, we had to see Wall Street.. Gordon was pretty excited. Too bad we could not go inside. So, it's just pictures outside.

Our last big stop was the Statue of Liberty. This was an almost whole day process. Too much security checks. It was interesting to be so close to the Statue.

Of course, we ate a lot too!! We had dimsum, greek food, good breakfast.... yum yum yumm

Oh yeah, we found a place that sells "Loong Yook" in New York Chinatown!!! SO very cool. I think New York is the only place that sells fresh "Loong Yook". Does everyone know what this is?? Here is a picture I stole from Lin Li's blog..;)

By the way, I took a total of 461 pictures... talk about being obsessive.......

I can't wait for another vacation...................

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