Sunday, July 29, 2007

Durian Galore...................

We spent Saturday hanging out with Jennie and Mei......we started with dim-sum at ABC Restaurant in Milpitas and then headed over for some shopping..:) Shopping was at Great Mall Shopping Outlet. There was really nothing much to buy, more or just checking out what's out there.

Shopping was cut short with everyone getting hungry and we hit Johnny Rockets for some fries, onion rings and grilled hotdogs!.... oh, and of course, we had to have milkshakes. yum!

We spent most of the morning talking about fresh durians. Jennie knew of a place in San Jose that sold FRESH DURIAN. I was really surprised, as I have only seen the frozen ones and those don't taste too good.

So, our next mission was to find the fresh durians. We found them on King St and Tully Rd in San Jose. The guy was just outside the mall area and he was selling fresh durian and jackfruit! He said that they were flown in from Thailand on 2-day air flight! WOW! He has like 15-20 durians and 5-6 huge jackfruits and he says he is there every weekend.

We did buy our durian. We were sticker shock...........................but, after talking about it, we had no choice but to buy it (Jennie and Mei LOVES durian!!!) The price.................$4.99/pound... and ou durian weight 7 pounds!..... urm.. USD35................

We headed home feeling very excited about the durian..:)

After some mahjong and card playing, we opened the durian..... it was a challenge to open the durian!!!. We probably took 30 minutes to open the durian... urm, beginners u know..:) and we could not find the right line to pry open the durian.

Finally, we opened the durian and we had around 10-12 seeds of durian!!! YUM!!! So, with fresh durian, supposedly it is more creamy and buttery... and I have to agree..:)
Our dinner was lasagna and dessert was durian..:)

We ended the night with more playing.:) We played "cho tai chi"... I guess it's chinese poker (i googled it but can't seem to find it) and we also played Blackjack. Lots of laughter.........:)


cindee said...

man - that's wayy too much lasagna and durian for 3 petite ladies and a slim guy :p...forgot to tell you, had msian durians last thursday and it was the really bitter kind and it was truly excellent. 1 durian with 5 (small) seeds and tons of flesh was S$15. :)

Tze & Yeesin said...

BTW, chor tai tee is listed in Wikipedia in GREAT detail. Actually a bit too much detail for our tastes, but check it out!