Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Playdate with Kaylyn, Jaden and Alissa

Last friday, we had another playdate with Kaylyn, Jaden and Alissa. Lily has to take a day off as it was Good Friday and the daycare was taking a day off.

We met at Santana Row and then headed to Valley Fair. It was kinda hard for the mom's to do any talking as the kids were keeping everyone busy. The busiest was definitely Lily has she has to complete certain things while in the mall. Her kids have to get on the red car in the mall, walk around, head to jamba juice, get some pretzels and then head to the childrens play area. I think going to the mall is more work then fun for Lily..:P

Here's a pic at Santana Row.

The kids did play with Ryan...:) It was cute... video is below..:)

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