Monday, March 10, 2008


After Ryan was born, I realised that playdates are a must!..... Well, it is more a must for me than for Ryan..:)

So far, we had three playdates:

1. With Yvonne and baby Claire.

Ryan and I headed over to their house armed with sandwiches and chips. Ryan slept for most of the date while mummy played with Claire and chit chatted with Yvonne. Yvonne filled mummy with lots of tips about baby care, baby foods, etc etc...

2. With the Dublin mom's play group

There were about 5 other mom's at this play group and kids ranging from 4 months to 1 year. I found this group at and decided to check them out. It was a good idea since the group was a nice and fun one. Can't wait for the next meet up...:)

One of the moms even loaned me a swing that goes front and back. Ryan seems to like it so far.

3. With Helen, Kaylyn, Lily,Jaden and Alissa

I met up with Helen and Kaylyn for lunch at Banana Leaf restaurant... Kaylyn was pretty good sitting on her car seat for some time and later she was carried by Helen. She was very well-behaved. After lunch, we headed to Great Mall to burn some calories before meeting up with Lily at Quickly's. It was nice to see Kaylyn and Ryan play for 3 minutes in the car in between feeding and diaper changes..:) Lily, Jaden and Alissa met up with us at Quickly's and the gals chit chatted about motherhood...:) Jaden and Alissa were excited to eat the popcorn chicken. I think they ate about the same amount as me (I ate a lot of it..:P). Lily had to order us another packet of the chicken... yummm..:)

I have to say... playdates are fun! I can't wait for more playdates.. oh, and Ryan loves them tooo...:P

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