Monday, September 18, 2006

Sambal Belacan

In an attempt to make my food more tasty, I started making my own Sambal Belacan.

For those who dont know what it is, here is the info from wikipedia....:)

Belacan, a Malay variety of shrimp paste, is prepared from fresh tiny shrimp of a species known as geragau in Malay. These are mashed into a paste and buried for several months. The fermented shrimp are then dug up, fried and hard-pressed into cakes.
Belacan is used as an ingredient in many dishes, or eaten on its own with rice. A common preparation is sambal belacan, made by mixing belacan with chilli peppers, minced garlic, shallot paste and sugar.

My first trial ended up being too spicy as I was lazy to de-seed the chillies. I had to add sugar and lots of lemons to help make it less spicy.

My attempt today was better...:) Now I eat everything with this.........


Nick 10 said...

Mmmmmmm...i want some :)

Tze & Yeesin said...

Try this variation... Add some regular white onions in your shallot mix, and add lots of "he bee" - dried prawns into the mix as well... If you have a barbeque, you can try and "bake" the belacan block first... BUT WARN THE NEIGHBORS of the SMELL !!!!!!!!