Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ryan's room

We finally moved out of Ryan's room. Yes, we actually gave him our room and we moved over to the other room (the things parents do for their kids..;))

It took us some work as we had to move the guest bed downstairs, move our bed over to the next room and move the bed downstairs to Ryan's room.

Here is what his room looks like. It works out great cos he gets to sleep on the bed in the morning (he prefers the bed to the crib). I think Gordon and I sleep better too...:)

We have one of these Video cameras and I have to say it is one of the best things we bought. It has night vision as well, so when Ryan makes noise, we can turn on the camera and see if we need to pick him up. Highly recommended product! We also look to see if he has fallen asleep after we leave the room.

Here is Ryan sleeping comfortably on his big bed..:)

Ryan doesn't seem to mind this new set up. As long as he gets food, he is happy..:)

Here is Ryan playing on the bed with mummy and daddy..:)

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