Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Weekend and baby shower #2….

We took it easy over the weekend again…:

We hit the farmer's market in the morning....

Headed to the Oakland food festival just to see what it was all about. There were a bunch of food vendors selling street foods. We just walked about, let Ryan see the Amtrak train, chill at the bookstore and headed for some dinner.

Dinner was Ventian Restaurant in Oakland. This restaurant served Laos food. We ordered a bunch of stuff including the Laos sausage, papaya salad, red curry, sticky rice and pineapple fried rice. It’s in a not so good part of Oakland, so we were more cautious as we headed over..:P Food was not bad and good priced. Gordon says he won’t go back cos of safety. I thought it was pretty safe…

On Sunday, I had my baby shower! Thanks for Lily and Eeling for organizing. We had the lunch event at Staceys in Pleasanton.

The food was not too bad; got some appetizers, main dish and desserts… and played one game which I failed cos it was about American cartoon characters… urm, I don’t watch TV! Lily won this one..:)

Eeling made the door favor, which was blueberry jam in a jar. It was so cute. I have not tried the jam yet, but hear it’s real good. What a cute gift! Lily made me a diaper cake... heheh, I needed diapers for baby! I also got plenty of other gifts. Cool stuff!

It was a fun event and it’s great to have nice girlfriend to spend this special time with.

For dinner, we had an impromptu dinner with Ken, Pauline, Timmy and Sirintorn... Dinner was at Cousin's Cafe in Pleasanton. Location was chosen as there is plenty of sitting, and the kids could run around..:)

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