Monday, September 21, 2009

My labor story with Dylan

Contractions started at 9.30pm, Saturday night. They were 10 minutes apart so, Gordon called his brother to bring his mom over..:) They arrived around 11.00pm and contractions were the same.

We got to the hospital around 11.30pm, and decided to sit in the car for a while since the contractions were the same and we were not sure of the hospital would admit us. With Ryan, they wanted us to come in only when contractions where 3 minutes apart..:P
So, Gordon got his little nap, and we checked in about 12.30am. I was 4cm dilated.

The pain this time around was mild compared to the last time. The contractions were so far apart that when the pain came, I did not really care about it...hehehehe. I finally got the epidural around 3am (she had a hard time with it, and it took her three tries to get it right!)

Between 3am and 9.30am, it was a bunch of waiting. I was told to rest.... but how can one rest when, there is a blood pressure monitor going off every 15 minutes on my arm, lots of beeping sounds from the monitor and printer, nurses walking in and out of the room... and of course, Gordon's snoring!

9.30am, the nurse came in to burst my water, only to find that my water had already burst and was flooding the whole bed! I did not feel a thing as gthe epidural was super strong..:) Supposedly some membranes from the water sac came out as well.....
10.03am, the pushing began. It was easy!!! It took a total of 22 minutes to push Dylan out and they actually had a mirror for me to see what was going on.

Since Ryan was a c-section baby, I was only able to hold him for 2 minutes when he came out and he was taken to the well baby nursery.

With Dylan, everything was done in front of me. The minute he came out, I held him and continued to hold him for a good half hour while the mid-wife was cleaning me up. It was super great. His eyes were wide open and he was looking around. They only took him away for a while to get his weight and his height.

I am super happy that I was able to push Dylan out, and felt the "pop" sensation! The whole VBAC experience is great.

Post-baby, no pain except for my back that is aching like crazy, either from the epidural needles, or from the pushing. Thank goodness for muscle rub. Even motrin is not helping at this point.

The adventure begins with two kids!!

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iamyvonne said...

Awesome story, thanks for sharing. glad the VBAC went well!