Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Brother Ryan

I am sure everyone wants to know how Ryan is doing since Dylan entered the world..:)

Ryan is doing GREAT! He knows that the baby is not in my tummy anymore and he is excited to see baby. He has been giving Dylan many kisses and trying to touch his hands, legs, hair, etc.

In the morning, when he wakes up, he says "baby" and goes towards the crib to see Dylan.

It is super cute! He has yet to show any signs of jealousy and regression towards anything.. so we are happy.

He has even seen me feeding baby and just comes over and kisses baby. Dylan also has been sleeping a lot, so Ryan just knows he is in the crib sleeping.

Last night, I let Dylan sleep in the crib in Ryan's room instead of the bassinet. When Dylan cried, Ryan did not stir. I think it would be ok to put them in the same room moving forward. It gives me a better night sleep too, since I do not hear the little sounds that Dylan makes and wakes me up each time..:)

Ryan also helps with the diaper throwing and getting stuff for me for baby...he will definitely be a great big brother!!

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lc said...

it was soo exciting and interesting to read about the birth of little dylan!! Ryan is such a great big brother. Your family is just precious!