Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day weekend and a trip to the Zoo

 We had a three day weekend last week and Gordon and I were cherishing it as it would be the last three day weekend before we have two kids..:)
We took the opportunity to go out each day. On Saturday, we hit the Great Mall to check out the labor Day sales. Gordon scored on a pair of Nike shoes and a pair of Nike basketball shorts for a great price. I did not bother to shop, since I have to wait and see how much weight I loose after the pregnancy...:D
We went over to Lily's house for a durian party! Lily bought some fresh durian and it was YUMS! Durian is suppose to be good for pregnancy, so I made sure I ate my share..:) Lufun also made some nasi lemak in banana leaf. How nice to get some home made Malaysian food.
Gordon played some poker and by 9.15pm, we headed home. 
On Sunday, we had our dim sum with Pauline and Ken at Oriental Tea House. We were invited totheir house on Monday for some home made dumplings! So, Monday, Gordon and I helped in making the home made dumpling and it was good. It tasted  much better than outside, since we knew it was home-made. We totally ate way too much.
After the dumpling feast, we headed to Oakland zoo (about 5minutes from their place). We are now season holders! hah. Which means, we get to go throughout the year. I hope we utilize it.....
Ryan had fun looking at the giraffes, elephants, zebra, monkeys and others. He did refuse to walk or sit on the stroller and wanted to be carried...mmmmm
We had a fun weekend and are now looking forward to the arrival of baby!

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