Friday, September 18, 2009

I am 20 months old!

Hello world! I am 20 months old!

Here is my daily schedule:
6 - 6.20am - wake up and drink 8oz milk
8am - Breakfast (usually Oatmeal or yogurt)
10.45am - 8oz milk
11.15am - 12.45pm - Nap time
1.00pm - lunch and fruit
4.00pm - 8oz milk
5.45pm - Fruit
7.00pm - Dinner
8.30pm - 8oz milk and nite nite

I am at the yelling and demanding stage now. I will yell for yeye and daddy to carry me and I will say "GO" and tell them to take me outside. When they don't listen, I start yelling and making lots of noise.
I don't like to get in my carseat. When mummy and daddy put me in the car seat, I will try and get off and won't let them put the seat belt on me. It takes about 5 minutes for them to coax me to sit still.

I can say many more words now. No sentences yet. I can hide and say "where's Ryan". I love to go under the blanket. When i want to go under, I tell mummy "under" and she puts me in the dark blanket. It's fun!

I also love looking at mummy's photo album and finding the pictures that have birthday cakes. I make mummy find the "happy" photos which means they have to have a cake in them.
Below are some pics of me eating out. Mummy and daddy have been eating out a lot because they know they will be stuck at home when baby #2 arrives. They are really enjoying having just one kid for now... and I am such an easy kid, so it is easy to just take me out whenever..;)
Here is a video of me playing with Jaden, Kim, Jon, Mun-mun and Kaylyn. We were playing pretend bday and it was my bday....

Here is another video of me. Mummy was taking a video of me playing outside with all my outside toys. Check out all the toys in my back yard! While she was videoing me, I decided to get the screwdriver and unpick my car (daddy usually does this stuff in the house...but I think I am ready to take over!)

Now, where is that baby brother that mummy and daddy keeps talking about? I need a playmate already!

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Jonathan said...

wah so smart one!