Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dylan's first two days

We are still at the hospital. Dylan has jaundice and needs to be under the light. It was the same case for Ryan and Ryan stayed 3 nights; hoping for the best with Dylan!

So.... several nurses have commented on how "mellow" Dylan is! Woo-hoo. Another mellow kid. Is that COOL or what? I won't say anything else at this point... and just count my blessings..;)

So far, he has been sleeping well, loving his formula and is very ticklish. He grunts when I tickle him or move my hands on his back... He also has given me three smiles and the nurse claims it was a ral smile and not just a nerve reaction. I have to try and catch this on video..

Dylan is currently supplementing on formula. No signs of any breastmilk yet. There should be a better trigger for milk to come out, and having to wait for several days. I am drinking loads of water and trying to get as much rest as possible.

Here is a video of Dylan from Day 1.

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