Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ryan at 19 plus months

Ryan is now 19 months old.

Here are some interesting stuff about him..:)

1. He is 100% potty trained at home! Hooray! He will now wear pants (no underwear) and will tell us when he needs to go. We still wear pull-ups on him when we go out... He knows when he has the pull-ups on and will pee in his pull-ups... hah!
2. He knows there is a baby in my tummy and will share his toys with baby. He will also love love baby all the time. He has no clue that baby will come out soon!
3. His current favorite books include; I see a monster, a potty for me, sometimes i curl up like a ball. His favorite toys include; his toy laptop, crayons, his toy plates, forks, cup, his doctor play set

4. His favorite foods include; sweet potatoes, egg, yogurt, cheese, raisins, cookies!

5. He never cries when I go to work. He will happily say bye bye to me. Not sure what goes on in his head when he sees me leave.. I think it is because Gordon is home and he likes to be with daddy.

6. Everything is "daddy" now. When we say "who is going to clean-up", he says "daddy". When we say "who made mess?", he says "daddy". It's all "daddy'. Too funny!

7. When we pick him up from the babysitter and ask him questions, his answer is "all gone". So, we ask, "did you eat rice today?", he says "all gone". We ask "did you eat banana today?", he says "all gone". It's "all gone" for everything!

8. Ryan is SO into! We have to resist turning on the laptop as he will want to watch something on youtube when the laptop is on. He likes the nursery rhymes; clap you hands, baa baa black sheep, potty potty, old mcdonald..... he will point out which video he wants to watch and if we play something and he doesn't like it, he goes "no no no" and points to another one. We have a computer addict at 19 months old!!!

9. Everytime we enter the freeway, he will make a whiney sound! Somehow, he doesn't like freeways. Kinda weird... and when we get off the freeway, he says "all gone". funnneeee! He also gets all excited when he sees a bulldozer, excavator, tractor when we are driving.

10. ANTS! Initially, when Ryan saw an ant, he would yell "daddy, ant!". Daddy would come over and kill the ant with his fingers. So, Ryan got the concept and now, when he sees an ant, he goes ahead and kills the ant with his fingers too... and he does this all without saying anything to anyone.... Amazing....


lc said...

great pictures, lynda!! ryan looks like a big boy now and he is totally adorable!! :D love how he is potty trained and wants to see the moon ...and garbage trucks :p
It seems its getting closer and closer to the due date!! I'm so excited for you :D xox linli

Adeline Chin said...

man how did you get your potty trained. mine wouldn't even sit on a potty...she's so afraid of it.

About the computer addict...mine too. She loves to watch mickey mouse, thomas the train, pocoyo, etc while she eats lunch/dinner. Hehehe mummy fault was trying to get her to sit and eat in her chair.

Jonathan said...

your baby too cute la sis haha