Saturday, September 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We had to stay five days in the hospital due to Dylan's jaundice (Ryan had to stay four days).

Since my hospital stay had to be extended, the hospital put me on "border" status, which means, I am officially checked out, but still have a room so I can stay over and feed baby. I had my own room for the first 3 nights and was moved to a double room. My roommate had a baby at 38 months, but her baby was only 4 pounds and had to go into the ICU.:(

It was nice to get home on Day 5. Dylan is loving his crib and the nice warm weather.

Today is Dylan's Day 7. We went back to the hospital yesterday to take another blood test and his biribulin was up again! So, we have to go back on Sunday to take one more test just to make sure. Dylan is now sun-bathing in his crib, to help with the jaundice.

Above is a pic of Gordon and Ryan when they came over to visit me at the hospital. They took over the bed for  an afternoon nap... z z z z

Kaiser started this new thingy where they give a "celebration meal" for the new parents.... here is a pic of the meal.... not too exciting and too much coordination needed cos both parents would need to be there to eat the food. In my case, Gordon was in the city with Ryan, so I had the "celebration meal" on my own. I kept Gordon's share in the fridge so he ate it later..;)

Oh, my milk supply came in around 60 hours after Dylan was born! What a relieve. I was starting to get stressed when I saw nothing..:P Day 6, Dylan is 100% on breastmilk. No more formula supplements..:)

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