Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where is the baby?

He is still cooking in my tummy..:)

We are thinking he will be out sometime this week. My doctor doesn't allow inducing until after the due date... so, we have to wait!

Here are my little tingling fears....

1. The pain from labor! yah yah, I am worried that when I get in, they tell me it is too late for the epidural! YIKES!!!!

2. How Ryan will react to the new baby.... All I want to do now is to spend more time with Ryan and make sure he is happy when baby arrives. I am also super worried that when I am in the hospital, he will get traumatized. Already had several discussions with Gordon about making sure Ryan is one happy boy when I am in the hospital..:)

3. How Gordon will deal with two kids! He is doing such a great job with Ryan. In the mornings, I get to sleep in cos Gordon just takes Ryan to the park, or to Safeway to roam around the aisle. But with two kids, he will have to wait till baby #2 is 18 months and older before he can bring two out... mmmm... does that mean I cannot sleep in anymore... darn!

Well, I think that's it for now. I am pretty calm about taking care of baby #2. After going thru it once, I think we will do just fine....:)

Wish us luck!

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