Wednesday, December 03, 2008

24 pounds

At 10.5 months, Ryan is 24 pounds.

I had to take him in to the doctor today cos he was running a high temp for the last two days.

Of course, when we were at the doctor's, his temp was back to normal.... mmmmm... this morning it hit 104.5 F. I think the Advil helped him.

Anyways, the doctor thinks it is Roseala - a viral infection that causes 3 days of high fever followed by red non itchy dots on his body.

His temperature has come down, but no signs of any red dots (maybe tomorrow?)

It pains me when Ryan gets sick. It makes me feel so helpless to see my baby soo grumpy and whiney. At least he was eating well and drinking well.... except, he did not want to play on hiw own and wanted to be carried.

I am taking a day off tomorrow, since his viral infection is contagious and I don't want the other babies at the babysitter to get sick.

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Adeline Chin said...

how is he doing now? better? poor thing