Sunday, December 28, 2008

I am 11 months old.......I will not be a baby anymore in 3 weeks....

hello world!
where did time go? I am almost a year old.
I am so much more aware of what is happening around me.
I know when mummy takes me to my babysitter's home and I start to whine before i leave the house. I also cry when the babysitter carries me when i get to her house. but.... I get to play with Darren when I am there, and I LOVE it. It is fun to have someone follow me everywhere as I crawl.

I am also cruising. I can walk if someone holds one of my hand. Walking is fun, but tiring.. I get everywhere faster if I crawl. Mummy is scared that when I walk, I can follow her faster and show up next to her quickly..:)
oh, I am totally mummy's boy. When mummy is around, I will want her to carry me and play with me. If mummy is not around, I can play on my own and daddy can read his newspaper and I would not disturb him.
My current schedule looks like that:
5.20am : 6 oz milk and back to sleep
6.50am : Wake up
8.00am : Breakfast
10.30am : 6 oz milk and sleep for an hour
12.30pm : Lunch and fruit
3.30pm : 6 oz milk
4.30pm : Sleep for an hour
5.30pm : Banana
6.30pm : Bath time
7.00pm : Dinner and fruit
8.00pm : Brush teeth, 6 oz milk and sleep
ohh, my popo (grandma) is in town. She plays with me a lot and makes sure I get my laugh for the day. I am trying to learn to say popo before she leaves..:D
my mom has been consistent in putting me on the potty at 7.30am in the morning. Just to make her happy, I will poo in the potty within 10 minutes...:D
I love to look outside through the window. I can see the cars passing by, the dogs walking and my favorite is watching the trash truck pick up the trash cans.

Till next time, I will be a toddler soon, so I will have much more blogging to do..:D
update : yesterday I poo-ed and right after I poo-ed, I pointed to the potty...... hah, my mom wants to know why i did not show the potty before I poo-ed... err mom " I am a baby!"

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lc said...

Happy birthday to ryan!!! :D hope he is enjoying being 1 years old :D yippie!!!