Monday, November 03, 2008

A fun Halloween!

Ryan celebrated his first halloween.

This year, we dressed him up as Piglet. Ahh,he was sooo cute in the costume. I picked piglet because I think this is the only year I can get away with piglet.... Ryan will never ever want to be piglet in years to come, right? :)

Since Halloween was on a Friday, we headed to San Francisco to trick-or-treat with Gordon's cousins. This is the first time I have ever trick-or-treat in my eleven years in the US! I have been to several halloween parties, but trick or treating is different. It is basically a bunch of walking to people's homes and getting candy.... quite fun..;)

So, Gordon's cousin, Michelle, live about 2 blocks away from a very rich neighborhood in San Francisco. Supposedly there are actors and actresses who live in this area, like Robin Williams and Sharon Stone. Also, since it is a rich neighborhood, it is also very safe...

And of course, everyone knew this, so people were driving over to this neighborhood, parking their cars and trick and treating with the kids. There were hundreds of people getting candy, and the home owners were very nice to hand out so much candy! Outside Robin Williams home, there were people giving out glow sticks. So COOL!
Below is a pic of what the atmosphere looked like... we had to queue up to get to the doorway of the home.... this was just one example.. every home was like that! I wonder how much candy each home owner had to buy...:P

Ryan saying "boo" with the picture above..... he really did not like the piglet ears. we had it on him for like 3 seconds..:P

We walked about 6 blocks and the kids got tired as their bags were getting heavy from too much candy!. It was a cute sight to see the kids walk up to each door way and in their cute voice say "trick or treat".

The candy stash!

Ryan taking a picture with his Uncle Henry..:)

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Cindee said...

hey, who ate ryan's candy stash!?