Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Babies are fun!

It is so much fun to watch Ryan as he becomes aware of the environment, the people and the things around him.

He is recognizing things, music, people…
Here are a few examples..:)
When I say where is the apple, banana, lemon, papaya, orange and strawberry, he will look towards the eye charts that I stuck on the wall.
He will also crawl towards the eye charts and gets super excited. When he gets to the eye charts, he will bang on them. I think he knows what each item is, but has a hard time banging on the right one…:P
Near the eye charts, there is a pillow that has fishes and boats on it. He can point to the fishes and the boat when I ask him, "where is the fish/boat"
Ok, when I start talking about MILK, he will look at the table where I usually put his milk.
When it is sleeping time, I will sit on his bed and when he sees me, he takes a peek and see if his milk is sitting there, and if it is, he will make whiny noises and crawl towards the bed. I also taught him lie down when he drinks milk, so he would come towards the pillow and flop his head on the pillow while waiting for me to bring the milk. SUPER CUTE!

He also knows "pom pom time" (bath-time) and time to brush teeth.
Ahh! Babies are super cute!
It is also funny that they can only relate one thing with one location. When I read a book to him and I see an apple and I say "see this apple", Ryan will immediately look for the eye chart and head towards it. Hah, in his world, there is only ONE apple!

He learned to "give me" things and put things in boxes. hehehe.. what else can I teach baby..:D

**** I left my camera at a frens house.... grrrr... no pictures and no videos.. *me sad*
Below is one more pic from Gordon's camera......

And here is a pic when Pauline and Tyler visited us a couple of weeks back. Tyler is about 2 weeks younger than Ryan..:)

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