Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend with frens!

Last weekend, we were able to spend some time with some frens over some good meals..:)

Saturday lunch, we met up with Anastasia and Percy at a new restaurant in Hayward called Bijou. Yes, can you beleive that Hayward has a San Francisco like restaurant!?

We would recommend the burger and the crab salad. We ordered some small plates, including calamari, prawns with spinach and mini quiches. Would not recommend any of the small plates. For dessert, we got some macaroons that tasted quite good.

Below is a pic of the burger with soudough bread.

When we finished lunch, we started talking about dinner and we were all (Gordon, myself, anastasia and percy!) craving Hot Pot at Little Mongolian Sheep in Union City.

Since we knew that hot pot is only fun when more people ate together, Gordon called Timmy and I im-ed Yvonne. Both families agreed to meet up with us for dinner! So nice!!!!

Here are some pics at the dinner. The food was great. Percy did the ordering and ordered the right amount. We ate up all the food! Had to take some yam cake to go since I was too full to eat.

Tyler and Claire were really well-behaved throughout the meal. After they ate, they went to the corner area and gave each other plenty of hugs and danced together..:)

Ryan on the other hand, had to be kept busy by eating! He was super hungry and made lots of noise. He even pulled on the napkin and dropped his food bowl on the ground (it broke) . Good thing he was almost done with his food, else he would have had no dinner!

The restaurant even gave us complimentary ice-cream with raspberries.....

On Sunday, our fren from Bakersfield was in town. Pauline drove over with baby Tyler and her fren, Christine. It was nice to see Tyler again. He is still big and chubby. Sooo cute. I loved holding him and playing with him!

For dinner, we headed over for sushi at the Hayward restaurant... of course, we ordered too much... but everything was good!

Ahh, what a great weekend!

psst : doesn't Ryan look good in the sweater below????? :)

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He's getting so big!