Friday, October 24, 2008

Ryan is 9 months and some days old..:)

My baby is growing so fast!

Here are his 9 month numbers:

Weight : 22 pounds 4 ounce (80 percentile)

Height : 30 inches (97 percentile)

Head circumference : 18.5 inches (92 percentile)

He has accomplished so much! Here are some of the exciting things I can remember him doing..:)

Crawling (7 months 10 days)

Responding when I ask him if he wants milk...

Standing while holding something

Climbing up the bed

Learning to climb down the bed with legs first

Climbing up the stairs

Learning to climb down ths stairs with legs first

Going in circles

Moving back and forth when he hears music (9 months)

Looking at the eye chart on the wall when I ask him "where is the apple"

babbling "ma-ma-mama-mama-mama" (i think he says it to ask for food!)

babbling "ba-ba-baba-bababbaba"

He also gets all excited when he hears the water in the bathroom. He knows when he is geting his bathtime!

As for foods, it seems like we have tried a lot! From oat meal to mushrooms, to bean sprouts to pumpkin. I am ready to let him try some noodles and pasta..:)

Above is a picture of Ryan in his lazy boy pose.....

Here is his breakfast menu.. he has the same thing every three days..:)

Trader O's (like Cheerios)

Trader Joes mixed oats with Motts apple sauce

Egg (steamed, hard boiled) - egg whites and yoke

Trader Joe's Baby yogurt


Wheat toast

His main meals are usually porridge made with chicken, carrots and veges and I add either pumpkin, sweet potatoes, broccoli and other stuff.

Here is Ryan's schedule:

5.30am - 5 oz milk

7.10am - Wake up

8.00am - Breakfast

10.00am - 6 oz milk

10.30-11.30 - Sleep

12.30pm - Lunch

2.30pm - 6 oz milk

3.30-4.30pm - Sleep

4.45pm - Fruit (usually banana or grapes or apple)

7.00pm - Dinner with fruit

8.00pm - 7 oz milk

Sounds like a busy day!


We have been taking Ryan to the park whenever we can.... the swing is fun!

Here is a video of Ryan taking a bath in his blue tub.

mmm.. time sure flies.... 1 year old is coming up soon!

oh, in case anyone is interested ....... Ryan currently wears 24 month old clothing.... and his clothes need to have the buttons near the shoulder so the clothes can go over his *big* head....


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He's stretching into a Hana.