Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am 10 months old

It's me again.. and I am already 10 months old. My mom is getting anxious as my first birthday is just round the corner (secretly, I know she is counting down the days that she has to spend money buying me my milk formula...)

I love growing up. I am able to learn more things and add more words to my vocab. My parents are excited that I can point out strawberry, grapes, papaya and banana.

At 10 months, I decided to sit still while mummy reads to me. I don't know how to tell her to read me a book, so I open a book and I crawl next to her, so she knows that I want her to read to me. I love to just flip the pages of the book over and over again.

I still love to EAT! I am not picky about what I eat. I tried cheese recently and don't mind it. I like cold stuff like yogurt and mummy's cheerios in milk. Since I like to eat everything, mummy can't tell which is my favourite food..:P

I also finally learned to put my hands together and clap. I also clap on my leg so I can hear the sound. I can give mummy kisses when she asks me to.

I celebrated my first Halloween. It was fun but I really did not like the piglet ears. I don't like anything on my head (hope my parents will remember this!)

Want to hear about my sleeping habits? I need someone to carry me when I take my daytime naps. Daddy does the best job for this. Mummy needs the rocking chair to put me to sleep cos I am too heavy for her! At night, I can sleep on my own. I decided that I don't really need my milk at night. I would brush my teeth, mummy would off the light, and I can roll myself to sleep (mummy sleeps next to me for a while to make sure I don't roll off the bed). I love to move around when I am sleeping. I need to find the most comfortable position.. (below)

Here is a video of me drinking milk before going to sleep ....

We had dim-sum over the weekend, and my grandma offered me some pau. I like it...:D

I also love being able to go up and down the stairs on my own. When I get bored, I would head upstairs and when I get bored again, I would go downstairs. It's fun and easy. I cannot remember the last time mummy or daddy had to carry me up or down the stairs!

That's it for my update today. Grandma from Malaysia is coming soon! and my aunty cindy and uncle jin will be here for Christmas with my cousin Sophie!!!! So very exciting. Mummy already started singing me Christmas songs. Maybe I can wish everyone Merry Christmas soon....:)

p/s : I can still fit in a box....:D

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Truly Us said...

cant wait to see u too ryan :) muaks!