Monday, November 10, 2008



Yah, the weekend passed quickly again. We did get a chance to meet up with several frens..:)

On Saturday, we met up with Eric and Ee ling for lunch at Val’s Burger in Hayward. This place has some yummy burgers and milk shakes! Gordon and I shared a mama burger and a fresh banana with chocolate milk shake. There must have been gazillion calories in the milk shake..:P
For dinner, we took a drive into the city to celebrate Jennie’s birthday. Since we had a gift cert for Unicorn Restaurant, we took the opportunity to try out the food there. The food was not bad. We tried the Horn of Plenty platter, the albino roll, the cubed filet mignon (this one was yummy), a giant prawn dish and garlic noodles.

We also had dessert, the mango custard and the warm chocolate torte.

Best of all, we got to meet Mei’s new boyfriend..:) hehehee….

Oh, by the way, Unicorn restaurant is not kid friendly. They did not have any baby chairs and their reasoning "we are in the financial district and we don't get kids coming in here"... Pretty lame if you ask me. I made sure I filled out the comments form to give them my input..:P

On Sunday, my co-worker invited us to his 2 year old’s bday at City Beach in Fremont. Since we were in the area, we decided to try out the Taiwanese noodles at QQ noodle restaurant. I would recommend this place for noodles. I had the sour and spicy w/pork noodle soup and Gordon had the beef noodle. We also bumped into Peggy and Chyi-San (they were trying this place out too!)

Ryan had his first taste of chinese noodles....

So, at City Beach, there was rock climbing, badminton, basketball, jump house and food! It was a fun birthday event and Ryan was able to crawl everywhere. He also played with Aditi (the birthday girl)

All in all, it was a great weekend. Ryan was super grumpy on the way home and I could not figure out why. Finally, Gordon says his bip is SO wet and I felt a new tooth coming out! That's why he was grumpy.


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