Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To vacation or not to vacation...

After getting back from a month long vacation, there seems to be a need for this posting..:P

There are pros and cons to vacationing in Asia...here are a few.

Time away from work...
Get to see family and my niece..
Get to see frens and their kids..:)
Get to spend time with Ryan, Dylan and Gordon
Super nice foods
Super cheap stuff...
Nice warm weather.

Long airplane ride with the kids (tough even though we have good kids)
Getting back to the work/daily mode
Jet lag!!
A more clingy Ryan since he has hung out with me daily for 30 days, and now he can't...
Unpacking (trying to figure out where to stash all the stuff i bought)
umm.. it's cold here.brrrr

I definitely agree that the pros outway the cons...hope the kids sleep thru the night tonite (fat chance!)

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