Monday, May 31, 2010

Dylan @ 8 months 1 week

Ahh, my Dylan is soo cute. At 8 months, he can mostly army crawl and some random normal crawls.

His two bottom teeth are finally coming out, but he has not been fussy.

Around 7.5 months, he decided that he does not want to drink milk in the day. He only wants to eat solid foods and drink milk at night... yes, this means he is not full and he drinks 7 oz milk at 8pm, 12.30am and 6am!

Yah, we don't like having to feed him at midnight, but he is seriously hungry and wakes up crying. Yes, no chance of Dylan sleeping through the night.*yucks*. He eats well with the solid foods. We tried him on a lot of food and he likes them all.

Our sleeping arrangements has changed again with the kids..... On weekdays, I sleep with Ryan and Gordon sleeps with Dylan.. On weekends, I sleep with Dylan. This way, I get enough sleep for work and on weekends, Gordon can take Ryan out to starbucks while we sleep in..:)

ahh, and we have removed the crib (my mom is going to roll her eyes on this one). We decided to give Dylan a full size bed as well but on the ground so he won't fall off. Check out the picture..:)

Last night, when I was sleeping with him, he woke up in the middle of the night and decided to play. So while I laid next to him, he was crawling all over me, and playing with my hair and face. After a while, he decided to go back to sleep. zzz

No words from Dylan yet.. occassionally we think he said mummy or koko, but nothing too prominent. He too likes going out and sitting in his car seat. And he doesn't have any schedule. I think he sleeps about 3 times a day. Usually every 3-4 hours... The reason he has no schedule.... is bcos we just need to do stuff and he just follows along.... he doesn't mind being awaken from his sleep. Just gives a smile if he is awaken.

Here is a video of him standing. He has strong legs and loves to stand for a long time. Also, a glimpse of our new bed arrangments..:)

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