Monday, May 31, 2010

Ryan @ 2 years 4.5 months

Ryan is growing quickly... soon he will be 2.5 years old!

Ryan new stage now is "Ryan do it". So everything is Ryan do it. He wants to wear his own shoes, take off his own shoes, wear his own pants, go pee on his own.. the list goes on.

He also loves to clean. He would take baby wipes and wipe everything and use his pretend vacuum cleaner to vacuum the carpet. He also does just like Gordon. Move things from one side of the room to the other side so he can clean every part of the carpet..:)

After his trip to asia, he has been asking to go to the airport, so he can take the airplane and go see popo. hah.

He has learned to answer "because". So if I ask "why Ryan cry" he would say "because Ryan want mummy".

If he is sees something and doesn't know what it is called, he would say "mummy, what's that?".

oh, when he has in Asia, he had an addiction to milk. He did not want to eat the food, so every other hour, he said "I want my nai-nai".  He is better back home now... but he loves his milk.. (especially when he gets to use his bottle). We are not even trying to wean him off his bottle now since he has such love for it...

His favortite toy..don't think he has any. He loves to play with bags. Putting stuff into his backpack, putting stuff into paper bags and plastic bags and tells me his bags are too heavy. He also likes to pretend with his toy cell phone. He pretends to call auntie michelle and ye-ye.

ahh, of course his love to go out. He would do anything if he gets to go out. and he loves bubble baths.

He pouts when he has to go to the babysitters. He gives us that sad face and says "Ryan dont want to go". Somehow he likes it when Dylan goes along. And he does love his baby brother. Especially when he says "good morning my little baby"... and the randon "where is di-di" when he doesn't see Dylan in the same vicinity.

I have to say.... he is a pretty good 2 year old. He does whine a lot to Gordon, but does not do it with it (cos I always tell him to talk in his nice voice). He usually listens (this may change with his little brother attacking his toys). Ohh.. he is funny... if he is crying and I say "no more crying". Sometimes he would say "Ryan is not all done crying, Ryan want to cry". So I say "ok, go ahead and cry and let me know when you are all done". It's funny....:D

Here is a video of Ryan strumming the guitar.

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