Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Somehow Ryan knows how to use the word "though".

Here are some conversations:

Me: "You want to drink some water"
Ryan: "Yes, it's hot though"

Me: "See Ryan, can you see the sugar?"
Ryan: I can't see the sugar though

How does he know how to add the "though" at the end of the sentence....

Some other funnies:

When my brother was driving us to the Airport in Malaysia, he was driving fast and Ryan said "Uncle, so fast..."

When my sis was driving and had to slow down as another car was nearby, Ryan said "be careful..."

When we were walking towards the car, Ryan says "mummy, must hold hand. Car coming"

Of course, he cleverly tells his brother (Dylan) not to do this and that.... "Di-di, no bitiing", "Di-di, don't put in your mouth", "No-no, di-di".

Ohh.... and.... when Dylan makes some whiny noise, Ryan says to Gordon, "Gordon, I think Di-di is not happy"

Hah. the wonders of little kids talking. Love it. :)

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