Monday, May 31, 2010

It has started...

So... over the week, Dylan's crawling has improved...

Dylan is loving it, and Ryan is NOT.

This means that Dylan gets to Ryan's toy faster and Ryan does not like that.

So, Gordon and I have been saying "share-share" and "together, together".

Ryan figured that if he doesn't want Dylan to play with his toys, he would swap out the toy with Dylan's toy and that is considered "sharing".

mmmm....We heard a lot of "mine, mine" this whole weekend.

And to end the long weekend, I had Ryan and Dylan in the room together for a few minutes while I went to the bathroom and when I walked into the room, I found Ryan lying on Dylan. YIKES!!! Dylan was just coo-ing as usual.....

and Ryan got a major time-out.

Yes, it has started....the two boys above are being brothers..;)

Yes, there are good moments that we will always remember..

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