Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ryan is going to be a big brother!

You read it right! Ryan is going to have a sibling....
Ultrasound at 7 weeks..
Ultrasounds at 12.5 weeks (I can't figure out why this picture won't load correctly!)

Anyone want to take guesses on whether we will have a girl or a boy? We won't know till late April..:)

My pregnancy symptoms are exactly the same as the last one... which is no symptoms! no cravings, no nausea, ok, maybe more tired (an excuse for me to sleep more)...

I started out with a lower weight than my first pregnancy, so I have been able to stay quiet about the second one for some time.... now that I announced it at work, I can put it on my blog (word gets around fast!).

Here's me at 14 weeks pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

Hi, girl! Didn't we all know this was going to happen soon?! ;-) CONGRATS to you and Gordon!


Adeline Chin said...

Hi, I'm routing for a GIRL!!! Looks like Gordon have added some pounds more than you :P