Monday, March 30, 2009

Saturday mornings + the remaining weekend.

We decided to keep our Saturday mornings busy by signing up for a class for Ryan. This is community class for kids age 18 months to 5 years. Each week, the classes alternate in schedule. One week, the kids play with toys and  do arts and crafts for an hour, sit in a circle and sing songs, and play outside in the playground area. The following week, it is gym time. The kids get to run around in a gym environment, and get to climb up and down structures. Check out the video below.

Ryan has attended two classes so far, and of course he loves it. He loves the new toys, all the kids around him (we put him in the class even though he is only 14 months). At the end of the 2-3 hour class, he is exhausted and falls asleep while in the car in about 5 minutes..:) We are glad we found this class. I think it gives the parents sastisfaction to know that we are exposing Ryan to different environments and keeping him busy on a Saturday morning...

With the great spring weather, we have been able to go to the park near our house a lot. Ryan is already an expert in climbing on the play structure and going down the slide..:p

While we are at the park, Gordon gets a chance to snap away with his camera...

There is also a big open area at this park, so Ryan gets to walk across the open area and burn calories.

On Sunday, we met up with Ee ling and Eric for lunch at Koi Garden in Dublin. Dim sum was yummy. Service was bad as usual!

After lunch, we headed to the mall to use our last package for Picture People (studio pictures). The pictures were so so, since it was hard to get Ryan to stay still. Will post them as soon as we take a picture of the pictures.
Since we were in the Dublin area, we checked out the Emerald Glen Park. Cool park. There were already quite a lot of people there since the weather was very nice. It also has a water park, so during the summer, the water will come on and kids can cool off..:)
Pic above : Gordon waiting for Ryan to get done playing in the park.
The weekend before, we checked out another park in San Mateo... here are some pics.
Yah, our weekends can be quite fun. I am glad the weather is warmer cos Ryan just loves to go out!

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