Friday, April 10, 2009

Ethiopian food, parks and tomyam dinner.

Some of our weekend activities. (Gordon and I loved the picture above. It's a shadow of all three of us and little ryan).

On Saturday, Gordon and I got bored around 4pm and decided we needed to head out for dinner.

So, Gordon did some research and found an Ethiopian restaurant in Oakland…. since we were close to ee ling’s place, we invited her and she said yes! (ahh, married couples with no kids are always free..:)) So, we checked out CafĂ© Coluccis.

We ordered the Vege combo, meat combo and shrimp sizzling platter. This was Gordon’s first time eating Ethiopian food, and he was surprised that cutlery was not provided and we had to eat with our hands.

I liked the ingera (it's a pancake like thingy that taste like sour dough bread).

The food – was so so. I tried Ethiopian food in San Jose before and had a better experience down there. I kinda like mushy food with sauce… but Gordon doesn’t really like it..

While we were having dinner with Ee Ling and Eric, she mentioned that she was making tomyam dinner the following night…. Yums… so, we said we will join her at her house for tomyam dinner….:)
We spent Sunday afternoon before dinner checking out some homes for sale in Oakland. Gordon seems to think the prices are really low, and we could invest in one of them…. (anyone want to invest with us???)

We also checked out several parks in the Oakland area. I loved the Frog park. There is treehouse there and a very kid frenly and safe area.

We also made a trip to Ikea. It was fun and we were interested to see how to decorate a 600 sq ft place, since we are always space constraint. We did not buy much… just a laundry basket and a kids apron/bip for Ryan.

The tomyam dinner was definitely good. I had three bowls of tomyam soup. It was good! Ee ling also made some veges, egg and steamed salmon to go with the dinner. Even Ryan had her food and he ate all of it… oh, and he tried some tomyam.. he did not yell even though it was spicy, but I immediately gave him water,cos I could see him opening and closing his mouth due to the spiciness *hehehehe*

We realized that the last time we visited ee ling's apt was about 1 year 1 month ago. Ryan was only 2 months old... below is a pic of him at her house when he was 2 months...
and here is one of him now....
heheh, doesn't he look so different?!

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