Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter and egg hunting

It was Easter last weekend, and over here, Easter egg hunts are a must.

Lily planned an event at her place; each couple had to bring about 10 eggs filled with things.

The kids loved the egg hunt. It was quick, but they were happy with the loot in each egg.
The guys decided to play touch football (good for them cos Gordon needed his exercise)
Lu Fun brought over some home-made "loong-yook". Yes, home-made and it was GOOD! She says she will start a business..:)
Below are some videos... Why did Helen knock Ryan over?!
I thought it was cute that Ryan was playing with Jon-jon

We ended up staying for dinner. Lily and lufun ordered some chinese food from Joy Luck restaurant.. and of course, we could not end the night without playing some mah-jong and some poker. We were all tired when we left at12.00am..:)

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