Sunday, April 26, 2009

James and Mun-mun's bday

Saturday was a fun day as we headed over to James's home to celebrate James and Mun-mun's bday. James cooked up a very yummy bbq with ribs, chicken and super good prawns. Cheng Lin brought over Bucca di beppo food.
We ate way too much and the food was gone in a few minutes.:) The kids got a chance to play outside before it got too cold. The bubble machine was a hit.
Just before it got dark, the gambling session started. Mahjong and poker. Cheng Lin won mahjong and Rick (at the last minute) won poker. We thought James was going to win since he was the bday boy, but somehow, Rick's poker face won the game..:)

We did not stay late this time around, but I still put Ryan to bed around 8.15pm in one of the guest rooms (continueing to get his use to sleeping at different locations). He also seems to know when it is bedtime and wants to head upstairs around 8pm. I guess sleep is very important to my baby boy..:p
Oh, today, I asked Ryan where the 'little baby" is and he pointed to my tummy.... he is way too cute..:D

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