Sunday, April 26, 2009

Auction and good filipino food

On Sunday, Gordon wanted to check out an auction at San Mateo.

The auction were for homes in the Bay Area. This was a live auction and there was a guy in the front yelling numbers. Real cool and the homes were going for cheap!

After the auction, we had lunch! Gordon found this yummy Filipino place in San Bruno called Tribu Grill.. It was good! We ordered Sinigang with beef, bagoong rice and for dessert, we tried the Frozen Brazo De Mercedes. I have to say, the sinigang (it's like a tomyam soup) was the best.. and the dessert was huge, and since we could not take it to go, we had to eat it all up! Ryan got his share as well, and he loved it.

I think this place must be pretty authentic since the place was filled on a Sunday lunch with filipino people.

Since we had so much food, we had to check out a nearby park at San Bruno. It was a very new and toddler frenly park. Gave Ryan a chance to just walk/run around everywhere.

hehe. so, it was a fun weekend.

I hope that when we have both kids, we can still make these impromptu trips out to anywhere...:)

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