Friday, February 27, 2009

Ryan walks walks and walks

About two weeks ago, I posted about blog about Ryan's first steps....

After learning to walk, he doesn't want to crawl anymore! He walks everywhere. He is even trying to walk up the stairs instead of just climbing up. We are watching him super carefully.

I figured it is now much easier with his walking, cos I don't have to carry him as much..:)

I can take him to the park and he can walk around on his own. I can take him out of the car, and he can walk to the door of the house...hah!

Here is Ryan walking at in-laws home:

And another video of Ryan playing ball with his grandpa..

ok, this last video was take some time back... it was after Grandma left US (after Ryan's bday)


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Truly Us said...

lol..ryan is super smart :)