Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I am ONE year old

wow, it has been ONE year since I came into the world, and I am LOVING it.

The last few weeks have been great as mummy and daddy have been around me all day, and popo has been plaiyng with me, and I get to see Uncle Jin, Ah-yee and baby Sophie. When I wake up in the morning, I get too see everyone. I was soooo happpy!

I also got to sit in the car for hours as we did a car trip to las vegas. The lights were lovely. Not sure what happen on Dec 31, but I was awaken from my sleep around 11pm to go out to see the lights and some countdown - 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 and people shouting Happy New Year. too much noise..:P
I love Christmas trees and can point them out when I see them. I also saw many airplanes and helicopters in Las Vegas.

oh, the bad thing was I was sick a lot the last few weeks. When my Ah-yee arrived, I had croup and it gave me a barky cough. My Ah-yee nickname me Darth Vader due to this. I also had fever on and off while in Las vegas and caught an ear and eye infection while in South Lake Tahoe. (yuck). After my birthday party, I caught the stomach virus and threw up several times. Mummy also gave me less food when I have the stomach virus and i was very mad at her. I threw tantrums cos she gave me so little milk.
Good news is that I am feeling better!

Oh! My birthday party was FUN! There were balloons and people and cake. Mummy and daddy organized a lunch buffet at Hokkaido Seafood Restaurant in San Mateo. Everyone said the food was nice but I have no idea cos they did not let me try any. Everyone did sing me my Happy Birthday song and they clapped after that (what they did not know was that mummy and everyone at home have been singing me the song the last few days with lots of clapping so I won't get scared when the song is sang to me!!!)  Hmm, how come I did not get to try the cake???? Uncle Jin said he would give me some, I guess he forgot..:(
We also celebrated at home on the day of the bday.
For Christmas, mummy and daddy bought me the "playhouse". I love it!!! You can see it in the background of the picture above. It is one of my favorite toys. I still like my learning table, yellow wheels of the bus, my stacking cups and my "sometimes I like to curl up in a ball" book.

urm... in case you are interested, above is a picture of one of my toys area..... yes, I have several toy areas!!! mummy has no idea how to organize my toys.. i think she is ready to throw them all out!:)

till next time.... soon i hope!


Truly Us said...

happe 1 year old my little darth vader..ah yee misses you lots,,yes, even the carrying part :)

lc said...

oh goodness how time flies!! ryan is such alittle cutie!!! :D happy belated bday! :D xox