Monday, February 09, 2009

The rest of Chinese New Year

We did get a chance to have dinner with Gordon's family as well. Food was at Y Ben Restaurant, and we had like 20 dishes! Here is a pic with the kids..:)

On Sunday, we also got a chance to meet up with Sirintorn and family and Yvonne and family at Oriental Tea House in San Leandro. The dim sum there is not bad and the wait time is nothing like Koi Garden...;)

Here is a pic of Tyler and Claire. It's fun to see them playing together.

After dimsum, we decided to check out the new Yogurt bar in Hayward, Zuckerfuss. It's great to have a yogurt bar so close by! I hope they survive so we can go whenever we feel like eating yogurt. My favourite about the yogurt bar, is that you pay for the weight of the yogurt plus toppings. So, I put less yogurt, and pile on the blackberries, blueberries, mango..:) Oh, Zuckerfuss doesn't have chocolate fudge topping...

So, 2009 CNY celebrations were great! Best of all, Ryan got his share of ang pows..:)
oh, below are some pics I just downloaded from my camera..:) It was nice to see Alexis playing with Ryan! She was the only one who played with him.... hopefully, the rest of the kids will play with him later..:)

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