Monday, February 23, 2009

Another fun girls day out

Last Saturday, ee ling planned a girls day out for the girls! We headed over to Tyme for Tea in Fremont. It is a tea place with fine china setting and a very tea-partish look.:)

All of us went with the standard Victorian menu which consisted of choice of tea, scone, sandwiches, pastries and choc dessert. We had a great time eating and chit chatitng. The girls also got a chance to share their ideas on how to make money! Hopefully some of us will take action and follow thru with our ideas (heheheheheh). There was of course several jokes on who should be pregnant by now and when they should have the baby. We are trying to fill in the march-april months with some baby bdays and hinted these dates to ee ling..:)
My dear Ryan was at my in-laws house again.... We actually went in on Friday evening to celebrate my god-daughter's bday (Madison). She turned three. and she is as cute as ever.
Ryan was totally fascinated with Madison's cake. I think he was ready to chomp down on the cake, but of course, he got none..:P

Check Ryan out in his spiky hair below.
In other news, Gordon decided to play basketball while I hung out with the girls. Before he played, he said that this was his first time playing after not playing for the longest time and after his last heart palpitation issue. He also told me, he won't call me unless his heart hurts again and he needs to go to the emergency room....
Anyways, around 2pm, I received a call for him.....and he sounded down.... I knew something was up! So i asked if he hurt himself and he said yes, and I asked if he sprained his leg and he said no, its worst! So i said, did you break your leg? and his response was that he think he tore a muscle on his leg. Gordon went over to the urgent care at Kaiser and it turned out to be a torn ligamen. nothing tooo serious..:)
He is doing fine now. hobbling around, but able to move.
oh yah, my sis and family, my mom and my sis inlaws were chilling in bangkok last weekend. how fun!!! i am sure they ate way too much food. When I spoke to them, they were on their way out to a second breakfast! grrrrrr *jealous*

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Adeline Chin said...

aiyah, must take better care of himself. Phil tore something on his leg too kickboxing just last week. Guys still think they super young :P